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Water issues


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You are using cali/mag in addition to the GH tri with ro water, right ?

I agree with Fat beaver ..could be that there isn't enough of a canopy for a light leak? Or ? I dunno, I just dropped a bean and fought with my ph for about 24 hours , could be the dirty bucket , could be light , who knows ...stable 3 days in now thou :)

It's a weed ...pretty hard to kill ..you will get there :)
Cal/Mag is supposed to arrive any day along with z7 and amor SI. I've added a little tap water to get by for cal/mag, Still just a single seedling with roots int he water. i'm on a well so i don't have worry about chlorine, etc. I also ordered some z7 and silica.


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I quit chasing/checking pH after a few grows with Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect. Found out it didn't matter as long as I changed the reservoir every 7-10 days, or when the plant has consumed the amount of water I started the fresh reservoir with. Some grows I get plants drinking 4 to 6 qts a day so the reservoir gets refreshed every 3 or 4 days.
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