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Water Pump for Top-Feeding 2 plants

Groovy Bud

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Greetings 420:420:

I'm planning on building my own DWC with top-feed hydro system, but I'm still on Planning Phase.

My idea is having a approximately 20 gal "bucket" which is more like a box (xyz: 24''x16''x17'' - inches) with 2 plants at each side of the rectangle lid (far away from each other)
In your opinion, is this possible?

Moving on,
My second idea is applying a top-feed system for each 2 plants in the 20 gal site, by using a submersible water pump.
How much potency do I need on the water pump to have a top-feed system working, dripping in a circular tube over the bucket's medium? The dripping tube I've seen is 2L/hour (not even a gal per hour).

There is a diagram of my idea on ------------. com but I can't post it for some reason.

Thank you for stepping by and please share your opinion on the matter.

Thank you in advance :Namaste:


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Just find the smallest pump you can if you are worried it will be to much. There is also the option adding a jet in the tubing and let the jet shoot a stream into your reservoir which will also help to stir it. I would try the smallest pump first before adding the jet stream going into the reservoir, and if it is needed then start with one jet and add from there.


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With it being a top feed system that pump should work, you just need it to trickle since it won't dry out. I would keep an air stone in there to make sure the water is oxygenated and hopefully keeps it stirred up. I'm not much of a dwc guy, more of a passive hydro guy
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