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Waterfall's review: Balboa caregivers


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Balboa Caregivers
16900 Sherman Way Suite #6
Van nuys CA
M-Sat 11-8 Sun 11-5

This disp is in a small strip mall. Parking is good. You can park right in front of the storefront. Plus there is a Quiznos right next door and an In and Out burger across the street :).
After being buzzed in, a gentleman came to the security door and asked to see my rec. letter and ID, which I furnished. I was let into a very large, clean and well lit waiting room with several couches to kick back on. Refreshments and candy was also available.
Being it my first time at this one, I filled out a questionaire and was led to the sales room. There were 5-6 different kinds of meds along with several different oils/hash. The prices to me seemed normal ($55-$70 1/8)
This place was very friendly. The security and office staff were respectfull and helpfull.
They offer many different perks to thier clients. New clients get a free glass pipe or gram blunt. They have a happy hour (after 6pm), They have raffles, You get a free ticket for every $20 spent.
And they have like a rewards program where you get $50 back for every $1k you spend there.

Overall I like this place. It is in a safe area, easy parking, cool staff, KILLER customer perks. I left with a couple freebies, several raffle tickets and some good meds. I will be back to Balboa caregivers.
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