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Waterfall's review: NNCC


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Natures Natural Collective Care
6951 Reseda Blvd.
Reseda CA 91335.

I went to this co-op when I first got my rec because they were the closest one to me. However when I was there about a month ago they were closed. I was there last evening, they are open now.
The store front is on the street, but there is plenty of parking, I parking right in front.
Buzzed in by friendly security, did the paperwork thing and was buzzed in back.
Now, I have been in a place where the 400lb security gaurd looms over you during the whole process and the staff doesnt smile or put 3 woods together the whole time. This place is quite the opposite. I felt very comfortable and relaxed being here. The knowledgable staff answered some questions I asked and I got to sample some meds I have not seen before. The prices were more than fair, in fact I would say on the low side. I picked up some Sour OG, which is some nice stuff, and an edible(Chef Boyarweed).
I saw at least 15 or so meds, 4-5 different kind of edibles(kept refridgerated), and I didnt even look at the derivatives(hash, oils). I also saw that they have daily specials on the boards.

I like this place for many reasons
1) They are close to me.
2) The staff make you feel comfortable to be there(which is important to me).
3) The meds I got were VERY good.
4) The prices were more than fair.
5) I got a freebie!!
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