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Waterfall's review: WHCCH


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West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing
8921 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, Ca.
(310) 289-1369 · Hours: 11am-8pm

I was at WHCCH the other day. It looks like a well run place. A big couch in the waiting area with a big TV playing a Cheech and Chong movie!!!!
The staff is very nice. They had many different meds as well as a multitude of derivitives
I read Zed's post right before I went over there and picked up some HEADBAND as well as some Grizzly haze. And YES the headband is some
N I C E stuff. I walked away with several freebies including 2 oatmeal cookies that worked rather well, and I could not taste the Cannabutter. They were not labeled but MAD PROPS to whoever baked these!
Parking sucks but I had business at the Citibank up the street and got to stroll down Sunset. The Roxy, The Rainbow, The Whiskey, the old Gazarris and the Viper room across the street. I gotta say it was a good day, and a good place, I will return to WHCCH
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