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WaterFarm grow advice please


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i just started my grow room i have 5 water farms and a 600 watt hps light. the room is about 11 feet tall 3 feet wide and 5 feet long i recently grew about 7seedlings to about 5-6 inches then i planted them in the waterfarms and they all died verysoon after.the temperature in the room has ranged from 75-85 degrees.i have a vent in the room i cant think of what i did wrong were they too young? did i over water them? if anyone out there can help me this is my first attempt at growing.


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Fed too much? Fed too little? Fed at wrong pH? Not enough DO in the water?

Posting (much) more information might be helpful.


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I grow in a waterfarm also, and have never experienced the problem ou describe, even with the pump running 24hrs, (which is what I normally do after initial planting).

Definitely need more info. By the way, I do not feed until I start to see the green leaves fade slightly. Only AN Voodoo Juice and B52 initially.


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I am doing my first grow as well and have a 8 unit waterfarm system in a 4x4x7 tent under a 600watt hps sunsystem blockbuster 6. I have asked how to handle the situation you are dealing with and this is what I have come to understan d, but keep in mind I am in the middle of this procedure for the first time myself but have done a shit ton of research! I am waiting until I see the second set of true leaves form on the plant. True leaves are leaves that was completely formed and come to a point at the tip, by that point you should have several roots dangling from the medium you are using, in my case rapid rooters. I am then going to take them and place them in the waterfarm units with the rapid rooters still attatched and surround them at the desired depth with hydroton clay pellets. For the first two days they are in the tent under the hps light I intend on leaving the units on the ground in order to let the plants get used to the slight temp change as well as the intense light... After the initiation process as I like to call it I am going to go ahead and raise the units to the desired distance from my light by using a couple cheap yet sturdy white plastic shelving units that can be adjusted by taking sections out when needed. This advice has been gathered throughout many hours of reasearch and the process has been confrmed as appropriate by a member in this forum with an unbelievable reputation and understanding that far surpasses mine, so this is what I am going with.... any questions and you are more than welcome to come check out my grow journal.

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you cant over water in hydro, secondly if the pump wasnt on all the time and the roots never hit the air rated water below, your plants dried out to fast and died. third, i dont know why you guys all feel the need to feed your plants food when there seedlings youll end up killing them because most of you are new to this.. so how about you dont feed them untill there 3rd week of veg, one week from seedling, then another week of just phed water, and come the 3rd week which would actually be your true first week of veg start at 1/4 strength nutes. my veg nute strength in veg since i use advanced seni, ill use 7 ml of sensi grow a & b for 5 gallons of water. after that first week of veg i can bump up the veg nutes a little untill bloom. once i bloom i continue to add in a little grow nutes to the mix as most flowering nutes never contain enough nitrogen for my plants.
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