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Ok so this summer I plan on doing a guerilla grow... its gonna be kinda hard to get to the plants twice a week to water and I cant risk anyone seeing me so does anyone have an idea on how to avoid too many watering trips?
not much you can do unless you want to install some kind of irrigation system. there are some water crystals that you mix in the soil that absorb water and slowly release it when there's a dry spell. they may help a bit. Other than that, they're gonna need watered somehow.
yeah i found this stuff called plant gel but i dont think i can get it in my country....it can be used as a substitute for soil and wud need watering like once every 3 weeks (fine by me) but...as i said, i cant get it here.. Any ideas for BUILDING a cheap, effective irrigation system? I found a method, called the "pop bottle method" which seems good... imo , I remember RangerDanger told me that MJ plants like to dry out a bit before being watered.. You Grow Girl | Make Your Own Pop Bottle Irrigation System
To build a system you'd need some type of reservoir to store water, and a system of hoses/pipes to get the water distributed, or bottles etc. to get the water on the plants. Is there a water source nearby? It would make life easier if you could just go to the nearest stream and carry over some water to use each time.
im no guerilla or anything... but i think your suppose to hide a big old can of water nearby or bury it or something. and then somehow run a drip hose that just barely drips some out steadily. i guess.

really i have no idea im just being high..
but anyways
i heard stories of ppl growing plants on top of redwood trees and stuff though LOL so must be watered somehow.
To Akornpatch: Nope, no water source nearby, except when it rains :p
To Janjaweed: Yeah if someone could confirm that it does not harm your plants then i'd definatley do that (or something like that)
To DaMagoMan: Can you suggest a low-maintanance strain? :p I live in a Mediterranean climate and it gets prettey hot in the summer

I think my best bet would be to do what Janjaweed suggested, somehow make a drip line connected to a bottle of water, any more ideas/suggestions/recommendations?
The Purple Widow I grew outdoors last year was nearly mainetance free. (she was planted in the ground.. not in a container above ground) Even with temps over 100 degrees it only needed watering once or twice during the entire heat wave. (the plant was in partial shade however)

Other than that... the morning dew kept her watered enough to be happy..

yeah i wouldnt even mind visiting them once a week, is that enough for watering? most of them are going to be hidden under trees/big plants and planted in pots cos i dont trust the soil
please, if you do end up growing outdoors guerilla style, keep your area clean and don't pollute the environment with chemicals. Recently, marijuana growers have gotten a bad name because of growers destroying the environment they were growing in by polluting nearby water sources and littering all over.
ok...ganja_smoker, if you read my previous posts, i mentioned that there are no water sources nearby :p also, I'm obviously not going to litter as this place isnt 100% deserted (there are fields nearby but i hope theyre inactive i saw one with crops but one is ok) and any litter would attract attention. yeah, i was planning on growing a sativa as i smoke when im out with friends so it would be weird if i pass out from an indica and wake up at 3am on my own, on a beach.. We dont have any local strains here cos all we get is hash. Climate is somewhat like morocco but I've seen moroccan plants and you wouldn't believe theyre pot plants cos the farmers neglect them and harvest too early (the leaves will just be some shrivelled up brown lines sticking out of the main stem) I just wanna grow my own cos I've never had a proper high except when me (or 1 of my friends) buys $30 or more worth of hash (hash is cut badly here, when i purify it, it shrinks by up to 60% and the water turns all sorts of colors)
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