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This is one question me and my room mate never agree on when to water our crop? How often should my. Plants be watered? How do I know when they need water? What is the best way to water 40 plants in 5 gallon container:tokin:


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It kind of depends on your lights. What kind of lights are you using?

When I was using a HPS, I would have to water twice a week. Right now Im experimenting with an all CFL grow and at first I was having trouble getting the plants nutes because I wouldn't need to water for 7-10 days sometimes.

Picking up your pots and feeling the weight is a good way to judge how much water is in the pot. Pick up a pot that you know needs water, then pick it up after you water it really well.

Ive noticed that a good indicator for my plants is when a few of the fan leaves in the middle of the plant start to droop a little. After I see this I give them some water and all the leaves will stand up.

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Stick your god-given digital water meter called your finger into your soil about 2"-4" and if its moist leave it alone, if its dry give it watering.
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