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Watering system


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could anyone please help me about few things regarding to watering system?

1. How to avoid getting sediments at the bottom of my tank? Shall I use air bubbler to keep the mixture mixing somehow or something? Any ideas?

2. I'm currently using GIB Drip watering system, but it's pretty lame and unusable. The thing I dislike the most is that the pots which are closer to a pump gets alot more water/nutrients, than pots which are further away. Watering just straight down drip by drip, impossible to water my 11L pots evenly.


Now I'm about to buy this DIY system and coonect it to adjustable ~ 2500L/h water pump. It looks great to me and for only about 20$ on aliexpress.com :) here are some pics below and plese tell me what you think abou it? Or suggest me any kind of a watering system that could work for my 13 babies :) it's really hard to water by hand twice a day, everyday..

Thank you!





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Anyone with any suggestions?


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If you want flow to be even across all plant sites you need some drip emitters like in the kit you posted above, you can get them at home depot also. They can have a tendency to clog, so you need a filter bag for your pump and/or inline filter for them to be reliable, especially if you have sediment, and regular inspection also.

I don't know how many plants you have but a 2500l pump might be overkill and can have a tendency to heat up your reservoir quite a bit, especially smaller ones. What is your sediment from.


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Ok I'll get myself filter bag :) and yes I would prefer flow to be even across..

Heat shouldn't be such a problem, since I'm using coco/perlitte mixture so pump would be on like 3x per day for about 5min.
Sediment from nutrients. I'm using advanced nutrients and I always mix my nuts for about 3-4 days forward so I don't have to do it everyday, and after a day I notice some sediments on the bottom of my tank, so I mix it everytime before using it.
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