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Watz up my green friends


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Ok my name is jonny i am a medical marijuana smoker its my first and actual year im a growing some buds real excited to see how it cmes out time will tell well for now thats about it later green friends................


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Welcome to 420 magazine . Take a look at the posting guidelines when you get a chance: Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting
Don't be afraid to ask questions or seek help , our members are very friendly and knowledgeable .

Enjoy your stay and remember , keep blazin' ;)

Stay medicated and share some medication ideas with how you use ganja with other users !

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:welcome: to 420magazine... :roorrip:
Lot's of good people here to help with the new climate... :yahoo:
Smoke one and enjoy the site... :rollit:

MV... :popcorn:
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