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We Can Legalize the Entire West Coast in 2010!


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With a few more major donations from wealthy enthusiasts, we'll get the entire West Coast on the ballot in November. This is big . . .

2010 has provided us with an opportunity to change the course of history. Washington, Oregon and California have all filed initiatives this year to legalize marijuana. California has already qualified for November's election and Washington and Oregon have volunteer efforts organized to gather their required signatures.

Imagine just for a moment the international press that will be generated when the entire West Coast of the United States of America puts initiatives on the ballot to legalize marijuana. It's revolutionary.

"If we get the whole West Coast on the ballot, the amount of self-generated free press and national fund-raising will be unprecedented for all of us. This will be an international sensation. It is very empowering right now to think of what we will accomplish this year if we work together and make sure Oregon and Washington have the resources to get the required signatures," said Douglas Hiatt, Seattle Defense Attorney and author of Washington's I-1068.

Activists in Washington and California are networking up and down the coast to find philanthropists who will join the movement and make this opportunity a reality. Their hope is that more people like George Sorros and Richard Lee will come forward soon with large donations to finance these campaigns and win the whole coast in November.

Vivian McPeak, founder of Hempfest noted "If I were a wealthy marijuana enthusiast who wanted my name engraved in history, now is the time I would get financially involved in this movement. Starting with Washington, who has the toughest signature requirements, one person could place the initiative on the November ballot with $200 - $250 K. If another donor did the same for Oregon, we'd have the whole coast on the ballot this year. Think about that. We know there are people out there who support us and can write checks of that caliber and we need you to come forward. We still have time."

Since the public is increasingly in favor of full marijuana legalization and voters regard cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol, this November's election could bring us one giant leap closer to ending Federal prohibition.
Ezra Eickmeyer, Washington State lobbyist for NORML, believes a fire will be sparked across many parts of the nation if all of these initiatives are successful. "Our coastal success could be a springboard to helping other states and going after national laws. All we need is financing to get on the ballot and we will win the West Coast in November. Washington, for example, is polling 56% in favor before the campaign has even really started. We need someone to invest in Washington's campaign and the whole country, especially California, will benefit."

To get involved with the West Coast Legalization Strategy, contact Ezra Eickmeyer, 360-301-1842, ezra@olypen.com

Now is the time.
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