We Didn't Know We Had 2 Tons Of Marijuana

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Two weeks ago, Tucson police officers discovered tons of pot worth millions of dollars inside the Bearing Belt and Chain business off I-10.

An employee of the business was arrested and immediately fired.

Now, the Bearing Belt and Chain company officials have talked only to News 4.

Business is slowly getting back to normal for LeRoy Heflin at Bearing Belt and Chain after authorities found tons of marijuana in a storage area nearby.

Heflin says, "Bearing Belt and Chain had nothing to do with it."

So the question is, how can you have so much dope and not know it?

Heflin explains, "I assume that too, because when you see it on TV, you go, 'Yeah, right!'"

"How could you not know? I understand people's questioning that, but it can happen," Heflin says.

And it did. According to Heflin, one of their most trusted employees, Leland Crockwell, who opened and closed the business each day, was arrested for drug possession earlier this month.

It's believed that an oversize rental truck pulled up to a loading dock and unloaded two tons of marijuana.

The pot was hand-carried and then stored on the other side.

Here's the catch. The opening measures 3 feet by 3 feet. It's bolted and it's got chains on it. There would've been no reason for anyone to think there was anything on the other side of the door.

The following day, a Tucson Police SWAT team with Rico the drug-sniffing dog discovered the marijuana.

Heflin says, "It was a big shock. Just don't what to do, I mean, you have to trust your employees and we never had any cash missing and whenever he borrowed money, he always paid it back on pay day."

Heflin says he even let Crockwell store his uncle's trailer in the warehouse.

Turns out, police say it was loaded with marijuana and the people hauling it had weapons and ammunition.

Heflin says, "That's a slap in my face. It's a black mark on me. We did not deseve it. "

Four men were arrested by the Counter Narcotics Alliance Multi-agency Task Force.

The first three there are still behind bars.

As we mentioned, Leland Crockwell was fired by Bearing Belt and Chain the day he was arrested.

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