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We Have Clones Who Need Homes


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:allgood:WHCCH is pleased to announce the arrival of Clones & Mothers::rasta:
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SKYWALKER is in stock & Sour SKYWLKER has been added to the hot list as a cross of Sour Diesel & Skywalker... These are both TOP SHELF SATIVA's that are a delightful and tasty treat. :3: This happens to be my favorite and always pick up some when I'm visiting W. Hollywood


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Re: We Have Clones Who Need Homes/Try Something New

Clones aside... do you ever get into a rut as to what kind of bud you buy when at WHCCH or any other fine COOP?

:smoke2: I know that I can get into a rut when it comes to preferences and seldom do I venture into their Hybrid selection because I simply make my own blends for my Volcano vaporizer. I was recommended this Hybrid named Safari...promoted as a strong Sativa start & a Indica finish (head high to bodyhigh).

These mid priced buds from an 1/8th I bought @ WHCCH where supple, easy to pull apart and not overly dry or crumbly. Fragrance has a hint of sage with lemony overtones; the taste is mild using my Volcano, so I can't really qualify a comment here...the overall effect is a pleasant Sativa headhigh that has moments of complete stoniness...interesting. :laugh2: Funtional abilities will be impaired to some degree in comparision to pure Sativas, overall this is a nice ride.


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if you smoke weed you have access to seeds! just ask your hookup for some lower quality bud. I have grown plants from mid grade bud and when you control the enviroment and take care of them you might be suprised of the quality.
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