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We have to stop smoking pot!


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"A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average marijuana joint converted less than 25% of THC." -TruthOnPot.com

I've been using pot and its derivatives for more than 50 years now.

Used to smoke it and I coughed, my clothes stank, I stank, the room stank, the car stank... like wearing a big NEON sign saying "Yeah, I smoke pot and want the whole world to know" "D"OH!!!"

Time to grow up, clean up, save your lungs cause, trust me, smoking is still smoking.

You can use a breath mint, some cologne... BUT YA STILL STINK!

Learn to VAPE, save the lungs, stop stinking, be more stealthy.




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No differentiation then working fast food but now you stink like grease and garbage food I'd rather smell like good bud then cat piss or shitty food any day. I think it's kinda earthy smelling and makes me smile when I smell good smoke on strangers. Now Commercial seeded smoke yuck never want to smell the brown frown. I agree any smoke in the lungs can't b good but also vaping goes to the lungs with slight water vapers I know breathing water will kill you definitely. But the best way to use is oil extract or tincture. Nothen better then ending the day with a warm cup of gorilla glue tea ☕
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You both make good points, but this is the bottom line in my opinion: some folks get their best high smoking; others from vaping; others from tinctures; and yet others from edibles. Some folks can't get high at all from edibles, I recently learned.

So each one of us not only has to find the best strains and combos of strains, but also the best intake method. I love tincture now, but I also love to vape a little in the evening. But tincture keeps me going aaaaaaaaalllllll day.


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I use all types and sometimes a bong hit is in order or a joint to hit hard to clear out the pain immediately. edibles rarely work for me unless they are very strong. Also it has been shown that smoking weed doesn't cause lung disease like tobacco. Also combining different medicating types can improve and extend the effects.
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