We have to stop smoking pot!

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"A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average marijuana joint converted less than 25% of THC." -TruthOnPot.com

I've been using pot and its derivatives for more than 50 years now.

Used to smoke it and I coughed, my clothes stank, I stank, the room stank, the car stank... like wearing a big NEON sign saying "Yeah, I smoke pot and want the whole world to know" "D"OH!!!"

Time to grow up, clean up, save your lungs cause, trust me, smoking is still smoking.

You can use a breath mint, some cologne... BUT YA STILL STINK!

Learn to VAPE, save the lungs, stop stinking, be more stealthy.