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I added my petition and would hope that every member of 420magazine does the same.... WE ARE THE CHANGE>> not OBAMA, NOT OUR GOVERNMENT>>>US!!!!

WE have the beauty of social media, internet and forum's like this...and without US banding together and voicing our opinions....nothing gets done....

This is what I wrote along with my petition...

Medical Marijuana has true proven health benefits and needs to be rescheduled under the controlled substance act. The DEA has no business designating that this plant has no medical value, there job is to uphold the laws, not offer medical statements without warrant or research.

States also have voted by democracy to allow the use of Medical Marijuana but are still being raided, harassed and threatened by Government agencies and officials which is totally unconstitutional. President Obama stated that he would not use federal money to prosecute states that have chosen to use Medical Marijuana but proves to be a major lie with new statements from the feds attacking landlords, banking facilities and now even targeting media for advertising these businesses....When is enough enough??

In this time of United States financial crisis we are going backwards enforcing outdated, and propaganda filled laws that so far in 70+ years have not done anything but waste countless tax dollars on enforcement with no positive gain. By closing down dispensary's we are taking away jobs from American citizens, the same ones that voted for Medical Marijuana and won!!

By eliminating Safe Access to needy medical patients we are driving them to obtain there medicine from the "street" and "black markets" funding crime syndicates and mafias. By eliminating dispensaries we are removing millions of dollars of tax monies that were created by this industry, how are you going to tax a drug dealer???? By eliminating dispensaries you are forcing street crime to go up in these area's as more are drawn to the streets to get there medicine, and the reports and studies don't lie.... So tell me government, in a supposed free country, why are we being denied our rights???

Lets take a look at the constitution for a moment...I think many of the government represenative's need to re-read this "law of the land" because to me it seems as this is overlooked so much today...remember, this is what our country was founded on...focus people...
Note: Article I, section 2, of the Constitution was modified by section 2 of the 14th amendment.

Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

So... how is denying people of Medical Marijuana not depriving those of life and liberty??? You are taking freedom of choice away from those who do not trust, believe in, or who have tried and failed prescription drugs...Those who have found a natural medicine that works, far superior than any "man made" pharmaceutical pill, and your taking there liberty and life away by forcing them to either wither away from harmful pharmaceutical pills and there side effects, or to become criminal's by purchasing there medicine in the streets...this is completely and utterly disgusting and wrong... Do some quick google searches about cannibinoids and tumor cells and see the proof that this IS a medicine!!!

It is time that you, UNITED STATES ELECTED OFFICIALS show us YOUR PROOF that this "drug" is so harmful...YOU NEED to show US PROOF of how you came to terms of Marijana having no medical value... and while your at it...why don't you show us how alcohol and tobacco have medical value...since there classified on the controlled substance act as less harmful drugs.... Remember, Marijuana has been responsible for 0 deaths....why don't you check the numbers for pharmaceuticals, tobacco and alcohol....and then tell me why it makes sense to prohibit marijuana use..."without sounding stupid".. And remember to use fact and proof...seems like nobody in congress has ever taken a debate class before...where is your proof????


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thanks guys this is exactly what we need! spread the word! tell your friends and supportive family members and co workers. only we have the power to make change now, but first we have to choose to act!


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Everyone...repost this link for this site on all of your social media sites...facebooks, twitter's, myspaces...etc... the only way that this will work is if people are informed and act....get this in as many peoples faces as possible...


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#22,480 Signed. Passionately signed. I have been migraine free 98% of the time I have had my recommendation with the only side effects being increased appetite (I eat better now), Drowsiness (no more insomnia here!), and dry mouth on occasion... I'll take that over the liver damage from the prescribed pills any day. PLUS! I was only migraine free 75% on the pharmaceuticals provided "legally" on the market. And I suffered side effects like nausea (SUPPOSED to be removed when the migraines are remedied), I got TMJ, (which might have been caused by some other source says the doc that had the drug prescribed to me posted on his wall), and . . . . get this, I now suffer from ACID REFLUX after taking his migraine pills!

Angry now. . . . where's my PIPE! :bigtoke:

Not to hyjack, but there's one about this on the "We The People" site. Click here if you'd like the link to that one as well. Maybe going from both side of this we'll be heard.
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