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Website Upgrade: New Features

Old Salt

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And you look at that as a good thing? Websites doing their best to force people's browsers to run scripts locally is half the reason things run so sluggishly (and CPUs heat up) on low-performance computers, and why using an old one can be a nightmare.

You want to buy us all decent hardware, lol?
Scripts at the browser can actually speed up the display of a website, even on my 486DX2-100. Yes, I still have one that I use for testing. It depends on what the script does, and how well it is written.


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While I'm asking for search functionality, is there some way to search conversations?
Requires an add-on for that. And the team seems to prefer to favor caution/security over a bunch of extra features/add-ons. Which I cannot fault them for, but it does limit the "bells and whistles" somewhat.

What you can do is switch to your "Conversations" page and use the Filters thing to view only conversations started by (or received by) a specific user name. That's probably not as much as you're looking for, but maybe it'll help narrow down the number of private messages you end up having to skim through in order to find what you're looking for.

The previous forum software allowed us to download our entire set of private messages in several different formats. I kind of miss that - and, of course, we could then perform our own searches using whatever software we normally use to work with text files.

It would probably be "well beyond a RPITA" for someone with administrator level permissions to do a search of the complete database, lol, so I'm not even going to suggest asking someone to do that.


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Some days, I feel like my memory has more holes in it than a screen door.

Amy Gardner

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Wonderful info Marc... :thanks:

I’ll second that - what a thing to have missed. Clearly I haven’t explored all the menus well enough :nomo:


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Actually, you can: Members -> Search Conversations.
Nice. Thanks. I wasn't aware that the feature had already been... er... hidden in the forum. Guess the developers didn't want to make its presence too obvious by placing it right there in the "Conversations" page (or in the general search routine), lol.
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