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Hello brothers and sisters,
I wanted to pass along a warning from Vice news. Labs are taking pay offs to falsify reports. This is vary scary because labs test for a lot of things, some harmful, pesticides, mold, mildew, fungus, parasites ECT... so you really don't know what your getting. Vice did some testing of stuff they bought as 30% and it tested at 18%. Some good stuff, but not as advertised. Be Careful. The best way to avoid weed fraud is to know your bud. Something claiming to be above 20% should be noticeably better, it should make your fingers stick together when you break it up. Attached are some pics of some buds we grew that tested at 23% Notice how the trichomes cluster together and crowd the available space. Notice how they grow in sheets in some places. If your buds don't look like this, then they are not over 20% Hope this helps someone...Sam


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