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Weed helps my bi polar

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hi my names michael and i been smoking budd sence i was younger i use marijuana for medicanal purposes now cuz i am now diagnosed bi polar psychotic wen i smoke pot it realy helps me i smoke every day and i only get medical shop weed bomb shit haha wen i smoke it it makes me not care im bi polar and it realy helps my mood swings wen im depressed i smoke a bowl join blunt ect. and it takes my depression away its a miracal plant the only problem i have now is i have so much anxiety and i never go out no more when im out in public i think ppl are talking about me or im saying things i have this problem in my head were im constantly talking and im about just on every psychotic meds u can think of im off invega now thank god it made me feel like shit and grouchy i would snap at my family but wen i go outside and smoke a bowl it calms me down and im not annoyed im planning to get a medical card in a year or less idk wat i would do without weed it helps me so much thanks for reading .michael fairfield.
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I'm bipolar too and before I knew better I had stopped smoking weed and my moods went out of control.. then one day i decided to smoke a blunt for old times sake and I was in a terrible mood and shortly after the blunt I felt better.. Nothing can stop me now..

-"Marijuana is illegal cuz it's bad, It's bad cuz it's illegal." F*ck that
No more Zannys--- bowls help my Bi- poler -- I don't at all consider myself a drug abuser. I am doing what any rational person in my position would do. Cannabis does not cure my condition and over the years it has probably continued to worsen. But with judicious use of this medicine my life is fine. I can control things with this drug that seems so harmless compared to the others I've tried, including tranquilizers as well as lithium. I am constantly concerned that I will be cut off from my supply of marihuana or caught with it in my possession. I feel my sanity may depend on it. Cannabis lessens what is troubling me and returns me to a more normal state. Often I do not experience a "high" at all, just a return to normal.
Im bipolar as well and i find if you suffer from severe anxiety from the pot, maybe try just eating regulated doses instead.

I swap between valium and edibles when im having "episodes", i find i build tolerances extremely quickly(probs due to my escessive drug and alchohol consumption in my teens), so mixing controlled doses of those in cycles seems to do the trick.

Basically, i take 1 to 2 5mg valium when im suffering anxiety, and normally ill just chew on a smallish bud if i feel my emotional state starting to get out of whack. I find these issues normally go through cycles, so the way i take them seems to work out well with my particular issues.

Just thought id post this, might help someone whos looking to take pot medicinally for these issues.
Great topic and thread. I have been bipolar since childhood but did not seek treatment (like most) until my mid to late 20's. I have tried MJ in high school like everyone else, but once I graduated I got out of touch with that world for a while. Over time my condition got worse and worse. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, thinking people are talking about me and judging me all the time. I've tried medication after medication over the years. Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Cymbalta, and Xanax. Like many bipolar people that go untreated I fell into the hardcore drugs which worsened my condition even more. To the point were I got in trouble with work, law and financial. Happy to say I got my butt to rehab and have been clean of those drugs for 3 years now. Since then I have been in regular treatment for bipolar and currently take Lamictal and Celexa for my condition. MMJ is not legal in my state but my husband and I both agree that it helps with mental conditions and is safer than the pharmaceutical drugs we take to help us manage our condition. I hope they legalize it here - I know this will be a life long battle that I will have to continue to work on. It would be much easier for people to get a Med card and go to dispensary instead of seeing the guy on the corner and taking my chances of going to jail for an 1/8 of homegrown. I'm glad this topic is here I'll def be searching around it, taking advise and hopefully giving some good advise myself. Happy Healing :Namaste::peace:;)
I have Bi polar Disorder and I am currently on lamictal also. I was diagnosed in 2008 but my ex thought I had it for awhile. (Since 2003)It's a mental condition that doesn't hit you until your 30's, I am 40. I started smoking again in 2007.(quit for 7 years) and I know it makes a huge difference. If its high grade it all works but low grade I prefer sativa vs indica cause of the more uppity head high. The lower grade indica brings me down more sometimes. I know a person that has MS and experimented for years with pot. He never touched it until 3 years after he was diagnosed with MS.His story was published in a well known MS book. It works for MS TOO!!! I have beard witness to it. WE HAVE BEEN FED A LIE FOR YEARS!!!!