Weed is beautiful: Let me see your plants


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I just wanna see bud porn veg porn and or also any type of weed plant show me what keeps you up at night. What keeps you waiting patiently. What keeps you ordering shyt of amazon lmao. Let me see what you see everyday 10x a day lol ik the feeling. When you first put that seed in the ground and watch it grow.. literally my plants come first before pretty much anything tbh (single here lol)

I love the proccess. The only part that's got me bummed, is I took this long to figure growing is like the nest hobby you could ever have. You guys are awesome this app is awesome and pw is everywhere hahaha. Show me some green boys!

I love growing
Re: Weed is beautiful. Let me see your plants ":)


First plant I ever grew! Just harvested it about 2 weeks ago!
Re: Weed is beautiful. Let me see your plants ":)

It was sour diesel x auto berry. Smoked super smooth. really Stanky! I also press some rosin from her and it was completely clear!! ....
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