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Weed Match - Bloody Skunk vs Bloody Skunk vs Red Poison


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HI there,
Just because I don't want to leave you guys without news.

I stopped growing and smoking too, because it was the right time for me to stop.
I just took the plants and put them in the garbage. Some of them were beautiful, the Bloody skunk were ready (clearly the winner ;-) but I just cut them and got rid of them, without even tasting them :)
What was dried, a whole bowl, also went to the garbage (may be the atami bloombastic is to clame, the AutoNight Queen was clearly too strong and causing paranoia and that kind of stuff, still, that's what drove me to throw it away).

I did not want to leave without giving news or telling the reasons behind my decision, that's couterproductive and doesn't help people, that's why I post this message...

The main reason was that I was simply smoking too much and I have to look for a new job, make changes in my life, and the weed was something that stopped me from doing that because I abused it a bit :) Still, MJ did not stop me from getting rid of it, so I can clearly say that there is no addiction and that you are still free of your decisions even if you are a heavy smoker.

I still beleive that MJ is something that can be great, that research will show all the benefits and that it still need support, but I also experienced the downside of it when smoked all day long - life happens in your mind, but nothing changes in reality, you forget a few things, important or not (skunks are too powerful nowadays say some close friends of mine who helped me in the difficult times, I am strong, but smoking too much when you are healthy doesn't help changing a life) - may be it is too confortable that way, when you need a deep change in life - this added to other things that did not go well but I can't blame MJ for that, on the contrary, I think it has been helpful going through shitty times to releive the pressure and think about stuff very deeply, but at some point, it's also something that could not become a way of life for me.

The point is that I needed some changes in my life, like meeting new people, doing stuff like exercise, going out, etc, and I felt that I needed to get rid of it to make room for new things. I needed to create a new environment for myself... it's not only MJ, MJ is only a small part of what I wanted to change in my life, but may be it was the starting point.

I post this messsage just because I see that a few people were worried, and because I think this message can also be helpful to some, may be, and I saw on this forum that some people suddenly leave without explanation, and it is not good at all, not to know why.

I hope all is fine with all of you; I am fine, no worries, I am not sick, nothing bad happened, it's just that it was the right time for me.

Take care all of you !


When It is time to stop it is time to stop. .

I did similar just over 12 years ago and it helped me put my life back where I thought it should have been... I now only just mj for medication and it helps loads... :)

Good luck with all the changes :)

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Wow! Didnt see that one coming....but honestly I completely understand. I was going to try and get my class A drivers licsense last year but then found out you need to do a physical with pee test first! Was thinking of joining electri
cian's union for better pay but then found out that they do random hair folicle testing. I couldnt pay my child support and I know why....hey hey....because i got...because i got high...because i got high..... :)
Sorry. But you all know what i mean.
Too each his own my brother. Gots to get yourself ontrack before you can help others kind of thing. Good luck. And thank you for the journal and all the laughs. Peace. Out. Spark.

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Holy sh*t spacef I didn't expect this as well but I really appreciate that you took the time to drop that message.

If your guts tell you to stop then you should, radical changes definitely help to move forward with new life decisions.

Your journals were the first things I read about cannabis growing and I learned so many things thanks to you. So for that a huge thank you.

I (selfishly) hope that you'll be back someday, even if it's to grow CBD strains :)

I wish you all the best but I'm not worried at all, you're a sharp and clever guy! Take care!

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.



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Love sweet seeds! 1st ever auto grow I did was black jack auto, really nice smells and vigour.

Have you ever done the black cream auto? If you like the purps have a go with that, its black/purple 100% so far (genotype?).
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