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Weed tea it works


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How i do it is very simple....2 bud's ground in my plastic grinder in the cup, boil water in the hot pot, put a good earl grey tea bag in the cup, with all in the cup put in boiling water and let steep 10 min....or go big...3-5 buds , 2/3 teabags in a big cup and save it in the ice box. Take as need......all's i can say it worked for me....helped get me off oxy..!!!!:420:
Oh in my case i cant taste so i just eat the buds also.........

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So does a good weed tea need to be de-carbed first ? Or just the fact that it was hot enough to boil be enough?.I think alot about this stuff haha,Thanks Red You know I bet someday they will be using weed butter and tea to herion addicts to wean off....I ate too much butter once and I don't think I would have started "jonesing". i was very sedatded...Just a thought
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