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Is it possible that when you cut off some of the unimportant leaves or branches, to grind them up and put them in a compost bin with worms and make compost out of it just like that? or is that not a good idea? if so what kinds of things would you add to the compost to make it decompose faster and become more rich as i would greatly love to be a 100% organic grower in the future.


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Mycorrhizal fungi.


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Blood meal will add the N2 necessary to help it along its way, but some people don't like cow blood. If you know how to compost there's no difference w/ the cannabis. The right combination of nitrogenous and carboniferous materials, and the right amount of water and air. Turned after it reaches it's peak of heat from the aerobic decomposition.

Dry brownish materials (like leaves, sawdust) for carbon and green stuff like fresh grass, weed, other wet green plant materials (or blood meal) for nitrogen.

There's probably a lot of info on proper combinations and ideas if you Google "organic compost".

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I have a two bin composter. I put egg shells, veggie scraps, fruit, yard waste and soil from my last grow in there. I did put a male plant in there during the summer, but that was before I knew I could use it to make cannabutter. I'm thinking about raising worms.
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