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Week 7 explosion!


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So, my plant decided to finally really pack on the weight, and the difference is shocking. I even pulled an immature branch just to prune and help push the plant to peak, and rapid dried this to then be "cured", starting to smell like chocolate and syrup..? What's wierd is, this is possibly the most potent marijuana I have ever smoked in my entire life. The craziest stoniest most psychadelic pot one could imagine! It doesn't look the best rapid dried, but it knocks me down, every time for 4-6 hours. Completely disabling stone. Very very psychadelic, trippy, you zone out so hard and completely feel like you're just your mind rising into a new conciousness, very intense and long lasting. This is only at week 7 with a quick dried branch!

grow chamber 1.5x1.5x3 254 watts cfl mixed blue/red, using gh flora series with calmag, vegan plant booster, and liquid koolbloom + normal bloom nutes(gh series).
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