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Weird black growths on main stem and branches


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Hi there, I'm sitting a friend's plants, and I noticed that they have these weird growths on the main stem and the base of majority of the branches.

The best way I can describe them is like small shells; maybe cacoons. They pop when I push against them, and the inside is a whitish-brownish goo. I'm assuming it's some kind of insect egg or something, but I'm not entirely sure. They're only on the branches and main stem; specifically where the branches and the main stem meet, or at the base of a new branch. Some of them seem to leak some kind of sticky substance.

I live in Southern California, and my friend lives more in the valley type of area. I've never had this problem with my plants, so I'm wondering if it's a native pest or something. The plants themselves seem rather healthy, so I doubt it's some kind of disease.

If anyone else has had this problem, I'd appreciate feedback. I'd like to know what it is, is it harmful to the plants, and if it is, how do we get rid of it.

Fuzzy Duck

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Bit hard to tell with out a pic...

But it sounds like a scale insect & yes they are a sap sucker which may weaken your plant if infestation is serve... yup ya wanna kill em :thumb:
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