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Weird looking plant


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Hey y’all growers, I have myself a weird ass looking plant. It’s a Blueberry Skunk from Peakseedsbc. It grows single or triple bladed leaves pretty much everywhere on the plant be it on the lower branches or near the buds. I do have another one right next to it which grows normally with 7 bladed leaves. The weird looking one is also way lighter green colored and much bushier.

Pheno induced problem or anything else could be doing this?

Attaches are pictures of both plants.

Both smell delicious


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Ooooh damn they both are revegging... didn’t even notice they started flowering! I did have to move then around ´bout 3 weeks ago. That sucks since they are the only Blueberry Skunks I have...

Is this a lost cause you think?


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Ok sounds good. They’ve been outside since the 1st week of june so I guess they’ll juste stay there. Funny how out of 9 strains only this one flowered and revegged.

One of the pheno is absolutely gorgeous, the orher is meeeh...

thanks for the help!
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