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Well, I've been smoking pot for about 4 years but, almost everyday for the past year. But, for some reason lately, I find my high isn't very enjoyable. I'm usually with alot of friends when I smoke and am very social, and quite the funny guy. But, lately I just become so tense and, just not very social.. What could be causing this? Is it time for a break? I'm thinking of quitting after new years for a about a month or so and see how it goes after that. Any input is appreciated.


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Well, I dont have much choice for strains.. I usually get 1/4-1/2 O's at once..
My choices usually are Dro or piff... Once in a while I get some Haze.

Seems like I will have to go on break soon :11:


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I find I get a better high after I've not smoked for a couple of hours~~but esp. after a day or 2 of not smokin~~then the effect is more intense~~


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Take a break if your high isn't enjoyable anymore. Take a step back for a few days or however long it takes to reexamine things going on in your life. Look within yourself to find out the answer to your dilemma. Find out whats bothering you and 'nip it in the butt'.


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Have you been smoking indica or sativa? If you can find out what strains you're smoking, that might help. I find that sativa is much speedier and more prone to causing anxiety, while indica is more of a sleepy, happy high.

Also, I was just thinking... Are you mixing THC with caffeine or ADD medications? I know a lot of people find that very unpleasant.

And on the psychological level, perhaps it's something in your personal life manifesting as anxiety and such when you're high? If you notice that thinking about something specific makes you feel lame, then maybe you need to address any issues that may be present.

I hope you feel better.
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