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Weirdest/craziest thing

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whats tha weirdest/craziest thing you've ever done of thought about while you were high? (if you remember of course)


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Oh man...

I remember this thread from the last incarnation of this forum, there were a LOT of really funny stories... Well, let's see here, I know I have some pretty good ones but :dialtone: "Marijuana effects the memory..." Okay, this summer I was at my Mom's townhouse with some friends. We were blazing most of the evening, but a friend of mine had to go home early and be straight so we cut out about 8 or 9 I think. One of my friends, there were four of us there, had decided to take an eighth of shrooms around 7. Well, around the time we stopped blazing, he seemed to start getting nervous. He started to ask us if he could go home. Well, my friends and I looked at each other and said, "Hell no! Your parents are still up and they'll commit you or take you to the hospital and pump your stomach! Don't worry, we'll get you home (we had already promissed to watch him) when you need to be, you told us earlier." Well, he wasn't quite satisfied with that, so he tried again... "But where is my bed?" Us... "Your bed is at home, but you're too high to go home, you could hurt yourself or get yourself in deep shit... Don't worry, we'll take you home..." Him... "Is everything alright?" Us... "Yes, you should just sit down and rest a minute..." He was standing at that point, and then, the record skipped... He asked us the SAME three questions for the next full hour, possible more. We could not for the life of us calm him down. We were starting to get worried, because we didn't know how long he would trip, and whether he would be alright when he did have to go home... So we call his girlfriend. She lives a good 25 to 35 minutes away. At first we couldn't get a hold of her, so we were getting scared that we might have to stay up and watch this kid, and worse that his parent's were gunna find out and kill him. Well, after we got him calm, he pretty much went catatonic on my couch. A friend of mine comes upstairs, sees him on the couch, and just rolls him off with a quick swipe. "My seat!" he calls, we beat his ass. We hear back from his girlfriend that she will come and get him. She is worried that he won't be alright, so we tell her he'll be as good as new come next morning. She leaves her house, T-minus 30 minutes. We didn't want to deal with moving him when she got there, so we decided to wake him and get him moving. It takes us the whole thirty minutes to move his asss down stairs. He comes in and out of "it" and is sometimes cooperative. When we get him down stairs, we tell him his girl is coming for him. He goes for his dick. Dead serious, the man starts unzipping and reaching in. Well, we calmed him down again and she gets to the house. She walks through the door, this time when she hugs him, he pisses. Honest to God. We take another extremely long time to get his ass in the car and before they leave, he slaps her... The whole time everything is happening, he will sometimes get this horrible yet extremely funny grin on his face. Man, he calls me the next day and says... "WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO!" I have to say, he is lucky he has his girl, and that she is as nice as she is. After this experience, he decided to stick to the weed only for a little. Man, we had both had shrooms before, I didn't have a great trip and decided it wasn't worth the taste. He had a good time, I wonder what the cause was, other than way too much psylocibin. Hehe, sorry for the long post, but it was damn funny... I'll think of some more and post 'em a LOT SHORTER!
LMFAO dude. that was hilarious, fuck how long it is, that was funny as shit hehe.


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I have to say this was my favorite thread on the last board and I'm dissapointed no one else is posting their funny stories... :confused: Anywhoo, I thought I would post something from a book I read to keep it going. I don't want to put the whole thing on here word for word, because it was atleast ten pages. The excerpt is from the book "The Teachings of Don Juan" It is written by a younger guy, who is interested in Indian(American) culture. He is doing research somewhere and happens upon a chance encounter with Don Juan. Well, as the book progesses, he becomes Don Juan's student in the art of getting fucked up Indian style. Sorta, he teaches him all sorts of ceremonies, and how to prepare all this stuff for magic or conjuring or whatever (it's been a little while, i was high and still am...). Anways, the first experience that the author has with a halucingen is hilarious. Basically, Don Juan takes him to see some friends, who have him eat probably seven or more buttons of peyote. He then tries to decribe his trip. He played with one of Don Juan's friend's dogs while he was tripping. He said he drank with the dog, and then the dog started to run from him, so he chased the dog. At some point, the tables are turned and he is running from the dog. When he wakes up the next morning, he asks the people there what happened, they tell him that he pissed on the guys dog, and that's why it ran from him. Then they all chuckled. The author asks why, and one of the guys laughs. He says that the dog got him back, by pissing on him later. My little desciption is pitiful compared to how funny the story really is. I highly recommend this book.
yo man about Carlos Castoneda and don Juna...it's funny you mentioned that because i just finished reading all threee books like a month ago...great stuff...man gets mad fucked up on peyote and smokin shrooms
the last time i got really really high my girls & i thought it would be a great idea to take my car down this wicked big hill. it is used for skiers so it was graded but when i got about half way down the back end of my car slide down so now i was sideways, then i started to role and the car roled down the rest of the hill. it ended up being totald my mom wasnt impressed. oops
You sound like my ex. She took a brand new...used...pontiac grand prix, and totally fucked it up hitting all kinds of shit. Some things on purpose. I never understood why. She ended up getting her insurance to total the car from all the scrapes and dents on it. It was a nice car till she got her hands on it lol.
Hey man. A year ago or so I met an old friend and he told me to read the book (books?) and I was just wondering about the name on the book and the name on the author. I really must read it...peace