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Welcome Our New Sponsor: GrowItLED

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Please welcome our new sponsor GrowItLED.

GrowItLED offers full spectrum primary LED grow lights as well as LED spots and grow bars. Their product line ranges from 50 watt to 1152 watts (ave draw 750w).

GrowItLED is a small home business run by Scott and Sandy Gray, a retired couple who operate the company for as a hobby, allowing them to offer their lights at lower margins than their competition.

Huge Canna-thanks to GrowItLED for the support of 420 Magazine. Please stop by their site and have a look at their products.

Main Shop
303 Dupree Drive
Huntsville, Alabama - 35806-1075

Monday - Saturday 9AM-6PM CT

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New Member
Scott and Sandy Gray :thanks: and :welcome: GrowItLED.

Slowing down after retiring...Not you folks. :bravo:

:31: Your Idea, Drive and Passion is 420's Gain. :31:

Wishing you both Great Success in teaming up with 420 and it's Community.

Thank you again for all your Support.

Best Regards.


New Member
WOW, look at those low prices! Much lower than I have seen elsewhere.

Welcome to 420, very glad you joined us! I wish you all much success!


New Member
:thumb:Ol'Yippie here good to see Scott & Sandy getting their name out.
I have 2 of the 576 watt LED's & 2 of the 1152 watt LED's plus a UFO for my mothers.
These are great lights & great prices too.:peace2:

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New Member
Ol'Yippie here,
I will be starting a grow journal in the next couple weeks to show growitled.com lights.
I bought the lights at full prices, & I just have known about growitled.com for a few weeks this will be my first grow from clones with ebb & flow system.
I checked around & talked to the people that sell the lights & Scott & Sandy Talked to me, worked with me, went out of their way to educate me on the LED lights(or he tried it's over my head).
These are good people, I just know from working with them in buying 5 of their lights I bought 2 of the 576 watt lights, then they came out with the 1152 watt lights so I bought 2 of them & 1 of a UFO that is for my Mother plants.
If you have a questine he wont make you feel stupid for not knowing all the tech stuff & he talks to you so you can understand the deal with the LED's.
They are great, I had 3 plants in vegg mode so when I got the lights I put them over the plants & the plants just went crazy grew about 10 or 12 inches in just days it seemed.
I'm a few days away from starting a new grow with the 1152 watt lights, my room is 9x9 & I will have two 1152 watt light plus one Parmax EFDL 400 watt from envirotech.
Wait for pictures soon, Ganga God willin & the creeks don't raise.

ol hippy

New Member
Shanty, Hello and welcome to 420 ! We sure would like someone to go over some of the claimes that are being made here .(and elsewhere) about LEDs.How about what are the benefits (if any) for using 3 watt over 1 watt bulbs ? , Is there a need for the orange color spectrum ? How about degrees are all the 120 deg lights lacking in penetration? Should there be a mix of degrees in the bulbs ? Thanks there are many more ques, I'm sure others will have . We now have at least 4 LED companys here now . I bought a 288 watt from Eco-Blase , should be here soon as I can't wait to get growing with these new lights ! Thanks agin and hope to be reading whatever it is you care to share with us ... :peace:

ol hippy

New Member
Yes it does, I'm happy with my purchase and can't wait till I see the difference in my electric bill ! I don't grow for profit it's just weed for me and my friends ! Can't keep buying 60 dollar 1/8 s ! They never last more than a day or two anyhow .. Just curious if you've looked over a few of our sponsors ?? Some boast of things imposible others have shown proof of there lights ...:peace: Thanks for the informative reply ..

ol hippy

New Member
Shanty, Where can I see your lights ? Hey I have a school house near me hows about sending me a pile of those small lights that are cluttering up your place !!:19: Anyone here using your lights in a grow that you are aware of now > Thanks Shanty hope to see you around the threads more , look in the forum area as there are threads just for product info there ... :peace:

ol hippy

New Member
Just checked out the site great deal of choices there !! Nice lights after I get going I'd like to add a few lights for my next tent ,have to wait a bit as theres been no work around here ... let me get at least this grow done . I'm sure you'l be around for a while ...Thanks again for your quick replys !!


Member of the Month: May 2009, Oct 2010, Sept 2017
The 288W light you purchased, if in the 300W size case, listed as a 300, as 1W comes to 288 pcs that can fit in that case size, you will be drawing from the wall, about 180-190.
It looks like it draws 295W.

Here is another round of testing with pics. Kill-A-Watt meter for LUX per watt comparison. So, I started off with my light and came up with:

ECO-BLAZE 288 watt LED
295 Watts @ 60,000 LUX = 206 LUX per WATT

Bad Karma

New Member
The Bottom line is results. Whatever someone has, no matter what it is, if it performs, that is all that is necessary.
I couldn't agree with you more sir.
I bought six LED lights from ProSource several months ago and have been happy with their performance.

One thing I've noticed is that their seems to be a divide amongst the LED light companies on whether or not to use UV lights.
It looks like neither you or ProSource use UV lights, but GrowLEDHydro, Growl, and Stealth Grow LED do.
Is this a safety precaution on your behalf, as to not expose your customers to potentially damaging light rays?
I'm sorry if I'm butting in on this conversation, but I've been wanting to know this answer on UV lights for the longest time.
Thank you.

Bad Karma

New Member
UV as in what nanometer? We were the first, that I know of to use 730nm (IR) and 420nm (Violet right before blue).
I'm not sure what nanometer it would be, but I mean full on white light producing UV rays (like the kind used in fish tanks for sterilization).
As far as I know, ProSource uses blues that are close to the UV spectrum, but not part of it (similar to your lights it seems).
It's one of the reasons I went with their lights, no risk of cellular damage or anything else nasty that is associated with direct UV exposure.
I think some manufacturers are being reckless and not putting their customers safety first, sure we want big crops, but not in trade for our sight.
Thanks again for answering my questions Shanty.


Member of the Month: May 2009, Oct 2010, Sept 2017
I wouldn't be adverse to an LED that produced light in the UV range if it came with suitable documentation/warnings. There are unshielded metal halide setups out there that produce in that general range. I've no idea if it's the same area of the spectral chart that we're talking about here, but they produce enough that your buddy's auto-tinting eyeglasses will think they're outside at noon on a sunny day. And I suspect that not all of those setups came with warnings.

The only problem with full-disclosure as far as LEDs and their wavelengths go is that there's nothing to prevent someone else from coming along and copying it. Patents and the like are supposed to help, but there are LARGE manufacturers in China who proudly advertise that you can send them any manufacturer's product along with projected order amounts and they will quickly send you a clone of the product along with pricing. And then people rush to buy such counterfeits while happily saying what a good deal they got... And such purchases can ultimately drive the original manufacturer/seller out of business.
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