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Welcome Our New Sponsor - The Wholesale Headshop

Jim Finnel

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Please join me in welcoming our new sponsor, The Wholesale Headshop.

The Wholesale Headshop has a wide variety of quality glass products to meet all of your smoking needs. From simple yet elegant glass pipes to showpieces of extremely heavily worked glass. Take a look at the combination packs, a complete smoking kit for a great price.

Also available are vaporizers, grinders, posters and tapestries. Set aside some time and take a look around, you won't regret it.

There's plenty of time for holiday shopping
we will be shipping within 48 hours in december

Bulk Orders Available ~ See Website For Details

Also Available:

• Hemp and patchwork clothing and accessories
• Scales
• Tapestries posters etc.
• Urine drug testing supplies
• Vaporizers

Check out our feedback and more items on ebay!

For more information CLICK HERE

Contact: THE Wholesale Head Shop
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:welcome: to 420 Magazine, Wholesale Headshop! Thank you for your sponsorship. We couldn't do it without your support.


Happy Kitty

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Very nice selection, and free shipping. My kind of place!

Thank you for joining us as sponsor, we appreciate your support in our mission.



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hey everyone this is JB with wholesaleheadshop offering all users a 10% discount on all retail orders. (does not apply to the wholesale section) Coupon code is " 420 " and is valid for the rest of January.

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Thank you for making this offer available to our members. Its much appreciated. I hope you sell a truck load :cool:
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