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Hello 420 peeps country grower here.
Welcome to my first ever grow journal.

This grow is HEAVYWEIGHT FAST AND VAST + DINAFEM ROADRUNNER both auto flowering. Its not legal to grow here (uk)

Ive forgot the actual plant date but i sprouted the seeds end of april and they went in soil wen the tap roots germed.
I used wet paper towel method.
All seeds germanated with 36hours except from the freebie seeds (afgani)

These seeds are from herbies 100% customer satisfaction. Big up herbies.

The plants have been in a small green house and wer groing good but the last two weeks the sun hasnt been out. Ive set up a light 600whps and fan and they are under this when the weathers shit.

I will upload some photos asap. Hope this has been an ok start welcome to anyone who wants to follow my adventure.


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The last two photos are the DINAFEM ROADRUNNER.


I have been giving them straight rain water. When pot gets really light I water again
I have a ph tester kit on way to me with some p/k nutrients
Will feed them when it arrives


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Subbed mate, look nice and healthy. Have some reps for doing a journal..


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Thanks all for joining in.

My nutes have arrived will be feeding tommorow going to start on 1/2 recommended strength.

I will get some fresh pics up soon


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Was the coldest night yet. Temps dropped to 11c in the greenhouse. Hopefully the cold didnt affect them to much.
No signs of nute burn or anything after there feed.

Will keep a eye on them. I will put a few more pics up later


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Cheers for subbing Danzz :thumb:

Missed some info in the start so....

I planted these seeds into the biggest pots I had. Roughly 7lr
I used canna terra soil from Amazon.
Plants wer left to do ther thing outside but they started to outgrow ther pots.

I mad the choice to repot even tho they wer flowering at this stage :(
I did it as carefully as possible but I'm sure I stunted them.

And way the pics I've put up are the pots there in now.
The blue buckets are 25l (5gal)

They are showing slight signs of nute burn from there feed Monday but I'm happy.
Pots are still heavy will check them this Sunday.


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Hi everyone I'm found some problem leafs.

I will upload some photos abit later but it looks like Baron or mag def?

I know people can't help till the pics are up so il try get them up soon

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