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Please join me in welcoming one of our newest sponsors, Bonza Seeds. Without the support of sponsors such as these we would not be able to continue our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

For countries where Cannabis germination is legal, viability and germination rates of all varieties are tested on a regular basis. However, Bonza Seeds does not accept any product-liability and they do not give any guarantees or refunds for non germinating seeds

The owner of Bonza Seeds does not wish to induce anyone to act in conflict with the law. All persons who purchase seeds are responsible for their actions in the future.

Bonza Seeds will accept no responsibility in this respect. All information contained on the Bonza Seeds website and any Bonza Seeds promotional material or packaging is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to condone, promote or incite the use or cultivation of illegal and/or controlled substances.

Do not place an order for any product that is in conflict with your local laws. We will refuse any sale to persons whom we believe to be under 18

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Thank you Bonza Seeds for your support to our mission. We are truly grateful! :thanks:
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Re: Welcome Our New Sponsor Bonza Seeds

Well not sure I will be goin here for seeds:sorry:

Hi Lurch Farmer,

Sorry for the delayed response. I need to request that you please communicate with the sponsor on their website about this and not here. Due to legal restrictions in the U.S., we do not allow discussion of the shipment of seeds.

Thank you for your understanding and support.



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Re: Welcome Our New Sponsor Bonza Seeds

Received my seeds today. I used Bonza seeds and it took 10 days to get my seeds to the west coast. I have not tried to germinate seeing that I am at my limit right now but when I do I will update on how that goes. They also threw in an extra seed for free that I was not expecting. I also did tons and tons of research to not get ripped off and found that the standard shipping was most successful. When I chose my shipping I went with the cheapest option available and everything went fine. If you are looking for a good bank online I say go with Bonza I made a small order and everything came through.


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Re: Welcome Our New Sponsor Bonza Seeds

iv delt with the few times and never had issues and seeds arrived on time about half seeds that I ordered never germinated but again coukld be my foult until recently my shipment never come and when I investigated local curier left the package in front of busy unit building and himself signed for ( authority to leave package) and of course somnone took it I was lucky that person didn't ring up authority bad eanugh it has been over a month bonza seeds asking me to patient while they resolving it wth local curier company as they not supposed to leave it at the front end of the day in my opinion bonza seeds should repost it asap and then they can resolve it wth curiers as curiers will not send me any seeds lol very frustrating and unfair from bonza seeds


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Re: Welcome Our New Sponsor Bonza Seeds

Just received my first seed order. 10 days to Canada. No freebies but 30% off. Packaging was good. Without knowing about germination rates at this point I would recommend.


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Re: Welcome Our New Sponsor Bonza Seeds

Well it's time to try bonza, I deposit using paypal and in less than 24hrs the store credit already been reflected! Let's grow!
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