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Welcome To Our New Sponsor The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

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Ron Strider

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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor The Vault Cannabis Seed Store to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

420 Magazine began life 24 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not only the oldest Cannabis community website, we are also, thanks to our large and sophisticated membership, recognized as the gold standard for knowledge sharing. To continue offering this free service we rely on like-minded sponsors such as The Vault, to whom we are truly grateful. Please support our Mission by supporting them. Our sponsors make 420 Magazine possible.

About The Vault Cannabis Seed Store
The Vault is widely recognised as one of the finest seedbanks in Europe for a number of key reasons.

Firstly, fanatical customer service: The Vault has achieved legendary status in the cannabis seed world and has built up a whole legion of loyal, die-hard fans that really love the way that The Vault takes care of them.

Led by company founders Jack and George, their customer service team is one of the best in the industry. Why? Because The Vault is a seedbank that cares about its customers. As a Vault customer, you can be sure that they will always go the extra mile to make sure that you are looked after, with no exceptions. This is a company that always takes the time to help its customers, shows respect to the community and that puts the customer first.

The Vault also claim to be the world's most generous seedbank. And they have the facts to back it up.

- Fact #1: The Vault is committed to giving away more FREE seeds than any other seedbank
- Fact #2: You'll get FREE premium-quality seeds with EVERY order at The Vault
- Fact #3: They run the very best promos and giveaways in the industry

With literally thousands upon thousands of amazing strains from the best breeders in the world, ranging from famous cup-winners to potent, CBD-laden medical strains, high THC powerhouses, famous Cheese seeds and popular White Widow strains, all the way through to some of the rarest, hardest-to-find varieties in the world, you can get it all right there at The Vault. And because they only ever work with breeders who meet their rigorous quality standards, you can be sure that whatever seeds you get from The Vault, they'll make exceptional additions to your genetic library.

The Vault is committed to ensuring that your privacy and security is protected at all times. They provide the best stealth shipping methods possible and all orders are fully guaranteed, (where tracking is available), so whatever happens, nothing will ever stand between you and your seeds. The Vault deliver discreetly, securely and reliably.

Finally, The Vault are passionate advocates for change. It's not just a business, it's a movement in itself. They are committed advocates of the use of Medical Marijuana and help spread the word and educate people wherever they can.

The Vault believe strongly in giving back to the community and are active at all levels, be it canvassing on the street, assisting other organisations with marketing and strategies for influencing governments and helping with the activism movement in the UK.

At The Vault, impeccable quality, whether it's customer care or superb seeds, comes as standard


The Vault Services Limited
Unit 16
30 Bankhead Drive
Sighthill Industrial Estate
Scotland (UK)
EH11 4EQ

From the UK: 07949-276-118
From the US: 011-44-7949-276-118
From elsewhere: +44-7949-276-118


Website: The Vault

Thank you The Vault for your support in our mission. We are truly grateful!


Ian Bastage

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Welcome as a Sponsor :welcome:

Our members are seed connoisseurs & your selection should get you a lot of attention.

Thank You for supporting us!



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Welcome aboard the vault [emoji108]

Thanks for helping us out

Glad to have ya [emoji1063][emoji1365]


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Regular members (understandably) cannot create new threads in this section. But I wanted to "say" THANK YOU to Gary and everyone else at The Vault seedbank. Thanks for putting together not one, but TWO nice care packages - one for SweetSue ( @SweetSue ) and one for me. Thanks for understanding - or at least dealing with ;) - my extreme level of paranoia.

The t-shirt is great and I love that it has your company name on it so that I can wear it (when and where my paranoia allows me to do so) and give you a little extra advertising. The stickers are such a hit that I've already been pestered out of several of them (made sure to tell them where they came from, too).

The Philosopher Seeds Jack El Frutero (Fruity Jack) seed... I was completely unfamiliar with that one, so I read the description (and a couple of reports). CBD up to 11% - but not the typical "CBD strain" where one gets high CBD but low THC. I've read reports of THC of 19% to 22%. That ought to be... interesting;) . Still a 2:1 ratio, but the other way 'round, lol. Most folks who have asked me to start growing again in earnest are getting up there in years (as am I) but they're "big heads from WAY back," so they do need pain relief but still like a buzz, too (ditto). As much as I want to try to start that one right away, I think I'll wait at least a little while so that I can try to get it going as a mini-mother plant and keep it around for some time. Interesting cannabinoid profile, methinks, reportedly great aroma and taste (see quote, below), and I'm thinking it'll be a good breeding partner. Definitely seems like a worthy "keeper."

Smell: 8/10 smelled like tangerines and fried onions when growing . The final result though was very fruity and mildly spicy

Taste: after 2 weeks curing very smooth fruity but not tarte.. very moreish aftertaste of citrus
The K.O. Kush seeds (I think you sent two two-packs, unless I've already managed to lose one?) by Heavyweight Seeds are also new to me. "This indica dominant strain from Heavyweight Seeds is a seriously heavy hitter in all departments. Heavy yields and a heavy, heavy high, K.O. Kush is a must for lovers of all things Kush. A short, dense plant, it grows outwards and not upwards with an abundance of bud covered side branching. In fact, the bud to leaf ration is so good it makes KO Kush really easy to manicure. Good mould resistance also makes it a great choice for growers in cooler climates." I've always leaned toward the sativa end of the spectrum, so I don't have much in the way of indica genetics - and one should always be well-rounded, lol, so this will be a welcome addition for sure. My brother LOVES kush strains. He also has spinal stenosis, pretty severe nerve damage, and both his shoulders get dislocated easier than my bad one does (which is saying a lot), so he can use some indica-goodness with his buzz. I'm assuming the "K.O." infers that it might be capable of touching my chronic insomnia. A guy I've known for 30+ years only has to hear the word "indica" and he starts imitating Pavlov's dog when the bell rings, so he'll like this too.

And three limited edition Barney's Farms Peyote Critical. Have also read good things about this one. My best friend showed up yesterday to see if they were having snowball fights in Hades and I'd stumbled across any bud ("Ask me again in four or five months, lol."). I said, "No, but here, pick yourself one out." He picked Peyote Critical. I'm not sure as of yet whether he'll end up taking it home to live in his apartment, plant it in the woods, or leave it here for me to grow for him - but it's germinating RIGHT NOW, hopefully.

And, of course, thank you for being a sponsor of my favorite Internet forum!

You couldn't have made me any happier if you'd included a bottle of whisky (and I mean aged single-malt, here, since The Vault is located in Edinburgh ;) ).

Folks, please buy something from these people, lol. Great selection, friendly rep, nice prices - and they keep giving stuff away, lol.


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Folks, please buy something from these people, lol. Great selection, friendly rep, nice prices - and they keep giving stuff away, lol.
I've been muddling about their website just now after reading an old post as them being a new sponsor. I'm definately going to make my next purchase there just as a comparison to where I go now. My concern is the guaranteed shipping cannot be guaranteed to Canada, yet other banks from the same location are able, through royal(ty) mail service.

edit: is this still the case @Gary from The Vault regarding guaranteed shipping to Canada?
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