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King Bongmaster

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Welcome welcome
please, come inside
I'm king Bongmaster
I will be your guide
I'm glad you came
go ahead and sit
you see that bong there
go ahead, take a hit,
Can you feel that dank Doja
expanding in your chest?
Its that Skunky Sensi shit
its the best of the best
invest and be blessed
you'll never be stressed
if your puffin the Sess
so put yourself to the test
and smoke up the rest
we'll keep on smoking'
'til the clouds are rollin' thick
then will bust out with
a chocolate Thai stick
tear up those nuggets
break 'em up fine
roll up some Spliffs
and blow our fuckin' minds
Are you all lit up?
Blazed Blown and Blitzed?
Steamin' rules in effect
so take a dozen hits
I'm a good vibe technician
steady on a mission
I'll smoke you to submission
an you'll let out a sigh
you'll feel very humble
as you sit there and stumble
an you'll let out a mumble
you've never been so high
pilots and climbers
ain't got shit on a smoker
they can go 20,000 feet
and not be as high as a Toker
now your feelin' great
in your Indo mind state
all smiles no hate
you make your own fate
so stay up late
there's no reason to wait
we're rollin' in weight
at a very steady rate
steady rollin' up up eights
on a shiny silver plate
for two days straight
don't know the date
Can you relate?
Have you found your soul mate?
well its time to move on
so here eat this,
go ahead I insist
its nothin' but bliss
and then we'll smoke this Acapulco gold
and sit back and laugh as the Shrooms take hold
immerse your mind in waking ambient dreams
were everything is beautiful
and nothings what it seems
smoke another QP it'll change the way you see
puffin on the Tree is the thing for me
cheeks start hurting
from smilin' to much
and your in the mood
to feel and touch
your doing good
I can see it in your face
now lets roll up sixteen blunts
and smoke 'em like a race
we'll just keep getting higher
'til were almost overwhelmed
let the magic take over
release the helm
pass the reigns
on to Maryjane
she'll lead us on a trip
here take this double bubble bong
and pull a fat fuckin' fuckin' rip
Can you handle it?,
Is everything OK?
Well what do you think?
What do you say?
Do you like how you feel?
Do you wanna keep going?
Not sure where we're headin'?
there's no way of knowing
but we won't stop until
we chop the crop
and hop the drop
and reach the top
so swap the mop
fuck a cop
just pass the pop
the cotton mouth is creepin'
like an old ass puss
cause I push the Cush
and I burn the bush
I'm a Blunt rollin' Jay twiztin'
Bowl Packin' Bong Burnin'
Smoke inhalin' take my turnin'
Roll a Roach cough the most
burn some resin never strezzin'
smoke a pile rock a smile
kind of a guy
thank for coming by
seriously, it was fun
I hope you had a good time
smokin' with the one
you look so fuckin' baked
I can't believe what I see
Is it the Shrooms?
Or is it the tree?
your eyes are almost shut
and your grinnin' ear to ear
a slap happy grin
with no thoughts of fear
the light is bright
but the end is near
its right in sight
its all so clear
so take your last puff
and gimme that roach
I'll break it up with the others
cause I'm your Chronic coach
I pack 'em up in the bowl
an I slide it in the mask
just have a good time
thats all that I ask
so until next we meet
tell your whole crew
about King Bongmaster
and what it is I do.

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