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Went back to veg


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So my plants were 5 weeks in to flower lookin great. Then they went back to veg, growing new shoots off the buds. The only thing that changed was the heat got up to 95f for a day or 2. Could the heat be the cause? I've fixed the heat issue will they go back to flower? How will this affect flowering time, potency? Anyone experience this? Thanks


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Mine might be doing the same. Any thoughts from the experts? I've got some sativas (lemon skunk; something else I forget...) in a place where the temperature easily reaches 90F, often mid 90's in the tent... with lots of ventilation day-n-night. Unlike my winter grow, these are really, really fluffy with lots of leaves in the colas. A hybrid (WWxAK47) seems to be doing better- fairly solid, but also a bit shorter so further from light. Just lowered the sativas away from the 400W CMH bulb.
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