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Went insane with topping and FIMing - Help!

Viu Caravanos

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My plant is in day 39 of veg.
I topped it a few weeks ago and did some LSTi.
it was looking good, with 9 colas at the same height and two smaller ones.
Yesterday I topped my plant 2 times (!) and FIM it 2 times (!!). Don't ask me why, I know I'm an idiot.. (it's my first grow. It's a 14 inch Arjan Strawberry Haze.

What Should I Look Forward to?? and what should I do?


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Re: Went insane with topping and FIMing..HELP!

It depends on what your plant is telling you.

Some plants have no problem with it, others will get stressed by it. It all depends on the strain and phenotype.
Agreed. It's likely fine, but could take some time to grow much more if it has been stressed.

Don't fret and keep a close watch.
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