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We were and soon again to be GrowItLED. Now working under Shanty Gardening Supplies. We sold off, thought I would retire, owning a percentage of the other company. Great People, but no money, at least sent to me. So as soon as this contract is done, we will have GrowItLED dot back.

In that 9 Months, I kept building and testing our new line of LED Grow Lights. While we used in our ORIGINAL SERIES 1W and 3W, it was clear when testing it at the wall, it just was not pushing enough. Normally a good 1W LED may be pushed to 0.6 to 0.8 Watt.

We looked at what is the biggest problem with LED Grow lights. We all know, the Drivers/Power Supplies. We build this light from start to finish, spend about $39-56 more per light to use Japanese Power Supplies/Drivers. During this time, I was not one to believe WHITE light in an LED was of any benefit, it is not on the Spectrum Chart. I added 6500K cool White and took out, although very needed, the 415-420nm Range of our Violet. Many say it, but most have no idea. We are using only Epistar and Cree (blue) LEDs PERIOD!

We have went through 2 Complete indoor grow Cycles in CA and NM. You can see some of the pics of what will be done end of may at our FB page scooter gray or the FB button from our site Welcome to: Shanty Gardening Supplies. We offer a 60 day money back Guarantee.

100/200 Switchable Vegetation only light. Blue, IR & 6500K
150/300 Switchable Sun Fun Gro Pro (Red 660, Blue 455, IR 730, 6500K & Orange 612nm)

200/400W (much longer light) Same as the 150/300

Come take a look, although they are on sale now, all 420 MEMBERS ONLY, can take an extra $50 off the sale price or $100 when not on sale. Just contact us when you purchase and before we process the order, we will deduct the money.:peace2:



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when can we expect to see 5 watt and even 10 watt bulbs? They are being made now.

There are 3W and 5W LED Grow Lights out there. Being one of the first in a large scale sales to move to 3W well over a year ago, I have now backed off of that. I like the 3W, but the bottom line is heat/longevity. Did I say heat and longevity?

I could go on and on and I have deleted this message four times as I wrote you a book. Let me give you some truths and I have used 3W and 1W in my old designed "THE ORIGINAL SERIES 25/35/576) Lights.

Avg 300W light on the market, has 288 1W LEDs and barely makes 190W from the wall. Our new 300W, has 300 LEDs and will draw on avg 255W from the wall. That is what, well allot more wattage pushed to the LED. This comes from our usage and much more expensive Japanese Drivers/Power Supplies. it costs me approx 26 bucks more for our 200, 38 bucks more for our 300 and 44 bucks more for our 400, just using these much superior power supplies over chinese. Just things you learn during 3+ years of development.

There are some pretty neat 5W Home Made LED lights on the market, mostly by engineers and hobbyists. Look at how far they have to put the 3W and 5W LEDs apart, 3-4 inches. there are allot of 1W LEDs in that space, so where is the benefit at this time, until 3W & 5W can be side by side like the 1W today.

I will stop now, my BP is going up, as I could go on and on and on, about misconceptions of LED Grow lights. We always think bigger is better, it just at this time in technology, not the case.

I ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO OFFER YOUR OPINION AND KNOWLEDGE ON THIS, especially other LED light sellers. We all learn from one another and it makes us all better.


That certainly is true. I need to clarify if I was not clear. No doubt, 3 & 5W are more power. My two points were. Not even 1W LEDs are pushed to their full 1W, the larger we go at this time in infancy, they (2,3 &5W) are are bit pushed to even half their capacity. This of course may not hold true for the hobbyist / engineer that has built something small of their own.

Did I understand you correct? One 1000W MH for you is better than say two 600s, about two to three feet apart?
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