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West Paris Rejects Marijuana Ordinance

Jim Finnel

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Voters in this western Maine town overwhelmingly rejected a proposed ordinance that would have made marijuana-related offenses the lowest law-enforcement priority.

More than 100 voters attending a town meeting on Saturday applauded after the warrant article was shot down without getting a single vote. The proposal was advanced by the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative.

A resident who opposed the measure said its passage would set the town up to be sued. Sandra Poland also said the costs of meetings, newspaper advertising and legal expenses that would result from passage would cost local taxpayers money.

"This is wrong for our children and wrong for the town," Poland said. Voters decided not to allow a spokesman for the ordinance to speak.

The proposal had been debated in town for weeks. Similar ordinances are still pending in other rural Maine towns.

The Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative wanted to get the ordinance passed in several small towns before moving on to larger communities.

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Source: MaineToday.com
Author: Carl V. Natale
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