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West Virginia Fugitive Is Caught

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A fugitive from West Virginia wanted on federal drug charges was arrested Friday in Selbyville. Thomas Clancy, 42, originally of Morgantown, W.Va., was arrested at a home in the 37000 block of Leisure Drive, U.S. Marshall David Thomas said. "It looks like he's probably been there one or two months," Thomas said. Clancy's wife and two infant children were also in the home. They were not harmed in the police raid nor taken into custody.

When Delaware State Police and members of the Delaware and Capitol Area Regional Fugitive Task Force entered the home, Clancy tried to hide behind a refrigerator, Thomas said. He was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

Clancy faces federal charges for allegedly growing 50 or more marijuana plants. He fled West Virginia after a federal grand jury indicted him on Oct. 1, Thomas said. Police found no evidence of drug trafficking in the Selbyville home, Thomas said.

Thomas would not say how police learned Clancy had fled to Delaware. He said Clancy did not have any relatives in the area. Clancy will be detained by the marshals until he is transferred to West Virginia, probably next week, Thomas said.

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Hi whoever may still read this!

I just found this site with the article about my husband. I would like to clarify three things. Firstly, my husband was found not to be a fugitive, because he was never told he could not leave the state of WV. Secondly, he was not hiding behind a refrigerator. That is a flat out lie, he was standing beside our built in refrigerator. Thirdly, the police brutally beat him, and there was no resisting, in front of my children and myself.

I am however very happy to report, that after a brief time in the fed. and some time in rehab pre-trail, his case was dismissed, do to the illegal search and violation of his rights in WV.

We live together happily with our sons now 7 and 4.

They failed in their attempt to destroy our family!!!!


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Thank you so much! It's nice to see the words love and respect in regards to this. It was, and has been a long road for us.

I have one person who I can say helped us out the most, who never gave up, and fought until our case was dismissed. Hy husband's lawyer, a more passionate lawyer you will never find. His name is Kevin Mills, I found and retained him for my husband via NORMAL.

If anyone is ever in a similar situation as me or my husband, and reads this post. Feel free to PM me, I know what you're going through.

I am putting this site on my favorites!!!


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glad to hear all is well now.... good luck in your future...

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I'm so glad that you found your way here. I'm even happier to hear that your family is still together and that you've all managed to survive this senseless ordeal. If only every family that comes under attacks like this had such a happy ending. You all should never have had to have gone through this in the first place. I wish you all peace and healing.

Don't be a stranger :cool:


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Thanks everyone so much for your positive feedback, well wishes, and likes!!!

Four years later, and the images and terror of the day of the raid, and the day when it first all happened in WV, are still in my mind as if it was yesterday. Not to mention when my husband was still in the fed all my fears.

My husband talking on the phone from prison to my son on his fourth birthday. I drove to the rehab, that his lawyer got him in to get out of the fed until he could return home before trail, and celebrated our youngest son's first birthday at a hotel with my husband on a day pass. The four months I cared for my children alone, no friends or family just me and the boys. Then the wait for the closer of the trail, and all the suspense and stress it caused. Plus the financial burdens we still face.

I finally feel like a may have found a place I can talk about all this with kind understanding support. Of course while still pleading the fifth!

I am so happy to have found this outlet!

Peace and love to you all!


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They raided me in 1993. I decided to fight back and create awareness of this, by starting this website, company and mission. Now it's time you get involved and do the same. Welcome to the front lines of this war on a plant. ;)


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Your dedication is inspiring. I've been on the frontline for a long time now. I don't have much but could make a donation. Could someone explain to me what a 420 girl is? I'm a little perplexed by the nudity, not bothered by it, just don't totally understand what a 420 girl does, lol! I would be happy to help in any way, while do to some circumstances, having to keep a low profile.


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They only advertise the busts but forget to report when the truth comes out because truth is not in their arsenal.
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