What’s Uncle Hector Doing In The Basement 2020

Tio Hector

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Thinned put some inner growth and a few more fan leaves.
Gave the girls a big drink with nutes afterwards.

Tio Hector

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So I trimmed up some inner growth on the girls Saturday and fed them, I left them alone Sunday... didn’t even look at them.
After work I popped into the grow space to see how they took to the trimming.
The Afghan done well as expected, I haven’t grown Thai before and I’m pretty impressed with how they took to the trimming. One has really stretched up and nice buds forming. They are also very smelly :thumb:
I’ll give them just water tonight


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Hi Tio, looking good here brother! I have a couple of afghan kush ryders going and I see yours is great looking! You're ahead of me. Mine are 29 days today. They're in the Pandamonium journal. The blackberries didn't all work out so I have an assortment now at different start times. Shake it easy!

Tio Hector

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Hey folks
It’s been a while, I do apologize but I’ve been busy between work and the dogs.
So I’m creeping up on the end of the Wild Thai based on the seed bank, they say between 60 and 70 days. With that said, ol Hector likes to push the limits.
The smell is amazing.
Here’s a couple of pics
Chime in with your thoughts...
Wild Thai Ryder
Nice hard as rock buds

Wild Thai Ryder #2
Shorter but nice buds

Afghan Kush Ryder
My favourite...lol
Nice hard buds but has some more time to go
I’ll drop more seeds this week
This time I’ll add amnesia to the mix.


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Tio Hector

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Hey folks
The Thai is almost ready to harvest.
I’ll harvest the tall one probably Saturday, I’ll give shorty a few more days. I can’t fuck up this drying, it’s still pretty cool here, humidity is bang on at about 50%. I do have an oil heater but I’m on the fence about using it. The top is so hard and lots of crystals


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Ok, I got the drying room ready.
Temp 20c humidity 52%
I’ll dry for about 3 days at these temps and humidity, then I’ll drop temp to about 18c and humidity to between 48% - 50% for about another 7 - 10 days.
Now the room is ready I’ll chop this afternoon.
Awesome Hector! I bet you can hear them calling for a cut.

Tio Hector

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Well there’s one chopped
I’ve never grown Thai before, and I’m impressed so far. The buds aren’t huge rather nice size and close together rising up the branches. The buds are very hard and very sticky. A few pics...
Before the chop

Top main

The gang hanging
(Sorry for the crappy pic)

Temp and humidity

I’ll measure the buds after they’re ready to jar (just for perspective)

2 more to go soon, then flowing right into another grow.
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