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What a day!


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Crazy day!

Today started off by waking up at a prompt 10 a.m. I told my grandmother that I would clean up around the house.. Sweeping, mopping, vacumming and dishes. Buttt before all this.. I decided to dip in the stash of fresh AK I have hid in a deck of special cards! So I grabbed a couple of bowls.. As I'm getting my normal Bob Marley water bong. My mind had a revaluation... I had a great dream last night about a heavenly GB... So I just had to relive that amazing dream of getting baked... And make my dreams a reality! So I grabbed a 1ltr mtn dew bottle and burnt some holes and put it in a 2ltr sprite bottle. I burnt a hole in for my special socket with a screen in it I made a few days ago. Sooo I put some finishing touches on this beautiful work of art! Loaded and nice fat bowl... I light it.... I pulled up and twist it as I pull up. As the smoke fills that 1ltr bottle until I can't see my hand on the other side. Pull all of that premium AK And let it mow me down.. I just sat there after holding it in for as long as I could... I think to myself.... "I am too... damn.... high!! So I as my mind began to wonder and drift off into the abyss... I quickly reminded myself that I need to do some chores! So I quickly got all the stuff for cleaning in front of me. I put water in the sink and put some pine sol and a squirt of dawn. And vacuum my room and empty the vacuum cleaner. Took out the garbage and mopped... I don't know if you ever cleaned while shot down by that harsh AK-47...everything feels like a massive life or death mission.. So I be moppin an sweeping acting like I am being shot at and crap like that... But nonetheless I finish up all my chores and I finally sit down. As I put my lighter to the bud to maybe get one more toke.. My phone rings... A single tear worked its way gently down my cheek. I look down and see my grannys face on my phone... I instantly gain my composure and take a big gulp of water and.... Reluctantly I answer not before taking a breath and say.. "Hello... "
My granny "Hey son, just wanted to see if you can help your papaw get some meat?"
Me being baked out of my mind, caught none of what she just said I said, "Come again."
She then repeats herself.
I say "Of course!"
I was Not to sure what I just got myself into....
She replies with "Great... He will be there in about 10 minutes....
We hang up and I immediately run to the bathroom.. I brush my teeth and put my eye drops in... Now I just wait! He finally gets there after 15-20 minutes later! I hope in the truck and we start heading there. This is a very long 1 hour trip.... And of all the stations he chooses a Christian radio station... I sit here Immidiatly think that he knows I am stoned out of my mind! We sit there and we small talk a little and I start to realize that he doesn't know! So I start looking out the window tripping ball's! We finally get there after crazy trip I had... I looked around the car and thinking of how many stash spots are in this thing! I thought about my plants back home and how I can't wait to harvest.. I get out of the car and stare at this pitiful exuse for a butchery. I walk in there is this terrible odor. And after standing there for a few minutes the guy comes out with the 300 some odd pounds of meat... We load the meat up and head back home. The trip home was far more quicker than the trip there. So I get home, and I immediately go to my plants because I I missed cutting the light on by an hour! So I water them a little and put in some fertilizer. Then I get my seeds that are a Bruce Banner and girl scout cookies mix! Took me forever to get the perfect mating routines. Now I just need to get them femanized and make some more new bud variations. It's gonna be called hulk cookies... Maybe you'll be seeing some in your area... And after I put the germinated hulk cookies in the dirt... I pluck a about a gram of Bruce banner with some tweezers and put it in my jar. I get me one of my blunt wraps and roll me a decent blunt... I put it in my coke can stash spot and wait till its later.... But I put a little pinch of og Kush in my pipe and take a nice toke to get my head straight... Then I drift off in bridge somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness!
When I finally started to come back into a world where I could somewhat focus it was around 8 or so! I got my coke can stash and grabbed my Bruce Banner blunt... And I'm hitting the wonderful thing right now! All in all.... A pretty spectacular day! Well guys... Stay fly and stay high! ✌


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I got baked before work once many years ago knowing my calendar was totally empty all morning but to my horror, when I got into the office, my really anti-drug boss wanted a 1 on 1 meeting right away about something work related. Well that room just felt like it got smaller and smaller as she kept talking about networks and other boring shit. I felt for sure she would realise I was baked to buggery. Suddenly I just had to get out of there so I told her I was about to throw up. Rushed to the bathroom and sat in there for an hour. She was really nice to me when I came out and sent me home.
Less than a month later I got appendicitis and had to have it taken out so the vomiting totally fitted. She never figured it out and I never went to work baked again.


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Dangggg lushgreen! That sounds trippy as hell! I would have done the sane thing you did bro! Hell of a story.. And I really appreciate the reply!
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