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What age is legalized?


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What age do you have to be to get your Medical Marijuana License? I'm on probation right now and I was wondering is there anyway I can't get a Weed License so I am legal to smoke cannabis? What kind of problems do I have to have to get my medical licesne... Does hyperactivity or asthma ect.???

Richard Sativ

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There is zero chance if you don't have cancer and/or a sympatheic PO. Probation is stricter then normal adulthood. Thus why they also have curfews and ban drinking. Your probation officer decides the rules unless if the judge makes them stricter.

I've been under probation, and was dropped out of it for smoking weed (nobody ever told me until later that it would clean my record if I was successful). I would dilute my system until I would get shivers and my bladder would hurt, and it's not foolproof and they will always complain about the color no matter how many vitamins you take.

(The first time I tried I went overboard and wasn't too far from killing myself. Didn't even get tested that day)

They always look for weed and alcohol. One time I failed for something else, but had a faint line for weed (meaning I barely passed). She didn't even notice and chastised for me for the weed.
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