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What are Compact Fluorescents and How Can I use them for Growing?


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Hi there, I am a newbie grower, how do you know your the light is enough for the plants? I am using a dual 4 feet fluorescent setting for 2 pots. If it's given for compact.f how do i know? Despite the mobility and space, is compact.f as energy saving as the normal ones? I am not sure if I post this at the right place, sorry if I am not suppose to.


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You want 40 to 50 watts per square foot of grow space. Square foot is length x width. You have 80 watts with 2 bulbs. My room is 4 x 5 which is 20 sf. Multiply that times 40 or 50 and you get 800 to 1000. That means I need to use 800 to 1000 watts of light to maximize my grow space. What is the size of your grow space?


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So if let's say each pot take up 1 sf then I would need as many bulbs(36 watt each...in my country a normal 4 feet FL would be this.) for each of it? I read a few thread and it mention about importance of UV at flowering stage, so does FL provides good UV?


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With CFl's it is very important you get the lights close and keep them close. This will give you the Lumens per meter you are after. I reccomend as many lights as heat will allow. You will not be dissapointed. I smoked out a long time grower buddy of mine this weekend with my sativa mix i grew on all cfl's, and he actually said he couldn't smoke anymore after 4-5 hits. This, from a guy I have seen puff bowls for hours on end with me. It made my weekend ;-)


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after reading all of this i have a lot less doubts about using these lights.. thanx guys.. this almost feels like cheating.. BOSS - your giving me all the answers.. i hope i pass the test.. thanx again


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I have my eye on these new 60 watt dual spectrums they are selling in the hydro shops now. At 6300 lumens each. those should do it :) But the heat will rival a 600 watt hps easy. at 20 bulbs thats 120,000 odd lumens, I only have 34,000, and not concentrated with reflectors.

hey were did u get those things for u lights and what are they called? What price range am i looking here for those, the splitters and the thing were the splitters connect to. Thanks.


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Don't know if this post belongs here...but I go to Southern California Ace Hardware store and they have "4 packs" of CFL 23 watt (100w equivalent) for $1.99 (thanks to some subsidy from utility company)...which is less than $0.50 each!

Lumens 1450
Average Life 10,000 hours
Kelvin Scale 4000k
Uspar Enterprises (China import)
In both Cool White & Warm White
23 watt only

I guess with these "global warming" subsidies, it sort of changes the meaning of "poor man's light system"--8 lamps for $2...go figure!

I guess "Ace is the place". Cheers!:roorrip:


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Great info and discussion here, thanks!

To see another good example of CFLs in action, check out 420 Magazine ®, Dr Kran's exemplary grow journal. Good stuff!


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Hi everyoine I'm new here and have been using cfls for veging for 3 years. My space is 5x5 and I use 2- 4' fixtures over the tops and also I bought some bathroom fixures that hold 5 bulbs each and place them on the sides of the plants to give the more light and it works. You can let your plants grow right up into the bulbs without burning them under the 4', each bulb is 6500 lumes and the bulbs in the bathroom fixture range from 13wt to 40wt depending on the temps in the house


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Where i'm at the hardware stores cary the splitters for like $2 a pop. Worth it when you want to put out the right ammount of light. What watt did you say gave off the most lumens? A dual spectrum 60w replacement CFL?!?!!? I need to get some of thoes babys


I always read to use "cool and warm" cfl's. I have bought 2, 4 ft. 45w. plant grow light tubes from Home Depot, they are suppose to be a full spectrum of light. Does anyone know if they will work for both stages? I am assuming they will work for at least the veg stage, clones, and seedlings. Thank you.


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Rule of thumb is 60 watts of light per square foot of grow space.


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a leaf on mine got burned too...but as soon as I added cfl's-my plant took the f$ck off...good stuff


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hey everybody,

Just wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm trying to use a 75W reptile tank light to grow my marijuana. It was going fine for a week or so and there all about 2 inches tall with 4 leaves but there starting to wilt and aren't very strong at all. Is the reptile light not good enough or does it just mean my light isn't far enough or not close enough to the the plants?

Any help would be awesome!
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