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What are Compact Fluorescents and How Can I use them for Growing?


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I ran CFL's my whole grow, had buds at very bottom of plant. But it really helped in the middle. Clip on i use but sometimes it gets tricky
getting them right. Also buy those double light things screw in one and have 2 bulbs instead of 1. HAVE FUN LOOK AT MY CFL GROW


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Hey to all... im almost done with my stealth cab just waiting to get paid to go order nutrients and get some FFOF...
i was wandering if you can use 2 light socket splitters into a third central splitter, so essentially having 4 CFLs powered by 1 chord.? Will this be a safety issue or possibly cause more heat build up? Thanx for a reply


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Well i got a lot more than 2 on each of my cords. I had no problems. If you go look at my grow you will
see how many cords, and lights are up and working. I also use a power strip. Hope this helps.
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