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what are males good for?

stoned snake

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allright i know that males are good for pollenating ur females
but if for example i grow a plant wich after sexing just turns out to be male what parts of that plant can i use so all my hard work dosent go to waste like mabe i could make dirtweed outa it and hav a friend of mine sell it? or mabe hash?


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^^^Yep... and it takes a LOT of male plants to make a decent batch of cannabutter. If it's just one male plant...... trash bin is all its good for...



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^^^ agreed! just throw that shit away...sad but at least you wont worry that your females were polinated. remember to look closely for herms too especially if your using bag seed!


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Make some butter, you could make Iso hash out of it if you really wanted to but it would probably be shitty.
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