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What are my ladies trying to tell me?


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Hi all,
Been playing around with MJ for a couple years.
Currently trying my first hydroponic nft grow.

Stain phyco crack
Currently 3 weeks in to flower
20l Rez kept between 17-19 degrees C.
Ph sitting comfortably at 6.0
Ppm 950 including my 300ppm hard water.
Canna Aqua flores a+b 50ml
Cannazym 50ml

Humidity about 35%
Air temp 25 deg C average daytime
Night time about 20.
LED bud master II 600w equivalent 12/12

Hope this is enough for now...
Anyway noticed what looked to me like nute burn so have rinsed Rez out and replaced with 1/4 strength nutes so now my Rez is actually at 500ppm now. However this hasn't seem to help and the are couple top leaves are getting worse.

Will post up a pic but I want to know what else it could be? (Once I figure out how too)
I'm heading towards a deficientcy of some kind but so many problems share the same deficiencies I can't figure this out. Any ideas?


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Woop woop thanks
I have assumed that this is nute burn Ppm was a bit over 1000 at the time. Have flushed and now using 1/4 for the moment.
Any ideas just in case im currently starving my ladies.


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Trying again lol
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