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What are my options?


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I have a 1/4 lb. of bud i harvested, but the problem is it has powdery mold. Is there anyway i can do something to make this bud smokable. Is there a hash or oil i can make from it that will be healthy to smoke, cuz i don't want to smoke powdery white mold and i'd hate to just toss it. Bomb shit came out good except for the powdery white mold part. So should i trash it or can i save it by making hash or oil using certain style. Any help would be much appreciated.:bong:


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Water cure it.

Water Cure

Unlike other curing methods, the water cure is performed after the marijuana is dried. Powder and small pieces are most often used, but the cure also works with whole colas. The material is piled loosely in a glass or ceramic pot which is filled with luke-warm water. (When hot water is used, some of the THC is released in oils, which escape and float to the top of the water.) Within a few hours many of the non-psychoactive water-soluble substances dissolve. An occasional gentle stirring speeds the process. The water is changed and the process repeated. Then the grass is dried again for smoking.

THC is not water-soluble; so it remains on the plant when it is soaked. By eliminating water-soluble substances (pigments, proteins, sugars, and some resins), which may make up 25 percent of the plant material by weight, this cure may increase the concentration of THC by up to a third.

Marijuana cured by this method has a dark, almost black colour, and looks twisted and curled, something like tea leaves. The water cure is frequently used to cure dried fan leaves and poor-quality grass.

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ya man water cure it unless u wana meke hash or sumthig but i prefer buds
water cure is known to remove mold and other nasty stuff from ur buds but keeps the thc in good luck
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