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What are the best options for a plant suffering Nutrient Burn - Outdoors


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Hey guys thanks for viewing my first post. What I came to ask you today is about this plant that I've started feeding 15-30-15 NPK nutrients a couple of days ago. I started doing it on its 3rd layer not including the plants starting petals. Then I realized it started looking like it was lacking something. It started curling down a bit and the tiny leafs are turning brown on the tips and spreading. I have the option to give them a good 75 Watts of CFL's thats it, for a couple of days to try and help them recover, but since its not a light issue I wanna know if it being grown under only 75 watts of CFL's for a few days is its best bet while it recovers, then it can return outside? Btw I'm growing a Purple Kush strain.


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How old is the plant?

It sounds like it could be nute burn.

What is the PH of your soil? What is the PH of your water?

The CFL shouldn't be needed if it's nute burn. Depending on the severity, that'll let us know how to proceed next. Pictures would be helpful if you can add a few to give us an idea what your plant looks like.

What nutes are you using, and what ratio are you using to mix them?
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