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What are these leaves telling me?



Here I am continuing with my first outdoor grow. So far, I’ve dealt with bugs and nute splash :)

I have quite a few leaves turning and I wanted to consult if it’s just normal yellowing or if it is something else, such as lack of water or a nute imbalance.

I’ve grown indoor before, and this time around I am not watering as much, so maybe she’s thirsty?

-6 weeks old

While I’m at it, when is the time to transplant to a bigger pot?

Thank you, once again!


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Hey Cabeza, welcome. I think that you have a magnesium deficiency. It's very very common with our favorite plant. It would be good to know what type of soil you're in, be sure to give as much info about conditions as possible next time.
Transplants... One of the ways to tell is by how much she's drinking. If you're watering every day, it's time! Another way is when they show you funky signals that are hard to diagnose. Or deficiencies start popping up. You can take them out their pot real quick just to check them too. I think she needs it now. 1 last thing, they should be put in their final pot next. Any more questions just ask. Good luck!
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