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What are these leaves tryng to tell me?


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So this one seems to be always limp and doesn't want to grow. This plant also has orange hairs protruding from the pistils.

Blackberry Kush X Chocolate Kush

This one seems to be growing properly. I just figured I should find out if that leaf just got burned, because it doesn't really look like a deficiency.

Chemdawg #4

Anything below I should be worried about?



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fox farm "Ocean forest"

I use a tbsp of jacks "All Purpose" 20-20-20 for every gallon. I used a 1/4 gallon to water all 6, and was planning on watering them with a 1/4 gallon again every week and step up to every other day after a month.

What about the first pick that always had limp leaves? She been limp ever since I brought her home, and is growing a lot slower.
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