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What are these?


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Hello everyone, new member here!

I've been doing a lot of reading on these forums and am definitely learning a whole lot so thank you all very much.

This is my first grow and I'm a month into veg, growing organic using biovega in FFOF soil- 2.5gal pots from clones.

about 2 weeks ago i noticed very few very small reddish dots on some of the leaves and stems, I stuck them to tape and took them to my local hydro store, where they could not ID them.

I have also found a very small amount of bug damage on lower leaves (cut most of it off) and found a few thrips which I disposed of. I now look for ANY bugs at all daily but find nothing except these little egg-looking things. Tonight I noticed that almost every fan leave I removed had at least 1 egg thing on it, some had several.

I have no damage as far as I can see, and still cannot find any bugs.

My avg temp is 78*f , humidity swings between 31-47 max, yellow insect cards are placed strategically with nothing on them, I've been spraying over and under about 1x weekly with FF Don't Bug Me since i noticed the first eggs.

What are these things, what are they from, and how can I destroy them without using serious chemicals? (I would really like to limit the control techniques to avoid chemical pestisides if possible)




I also just noticed several white dots on one of them that possibly appear to be dried eggs:

Thank you all very much!


IMO (not sure if im even close) but those almost look like little drops of sap or something from where "something" was munching, what was snacking on your plants, i dont know

did you try touching any of them and seeing if they were hard, or goo or anything?
sometimes i get lil drop or bubble looking spots on my buds that are dark and wet/gooey if u touch them, will smear like sap or the wet resin that comes out the end of a joint when u smoke it. ive just always assumed that my nugs were so packed with THC they couldnt hold any more lol


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They are actually pretty hard. I can squeeze them and they won't crush, but if I smash them between my nail and finger they crack and there appears to be very little or no liquid or ooze inside. I can't find these things in any book or anything on the internet at all about them.


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Hard to tell from the picture. Are there little red dots that move? This is not a political joke,,they could be democrat bugs. They come out in the fall to bread. The eggs are red flecks that hatch into red bugs that feed on sap. The open hole will ooze a drip of sap. Adults are a black beatle with a red V on there back. They live in the dirt.


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remove the watermarks and someone just might be able to help,, cheers


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I can assure you that no freaking one here likes the idea of using serious chemicals or chemical pesticides as you put it. The facts are the bulk of the pesticides that we used are taken from 100% natural sources. Some of the most deadly poisons on earth come straight from nature

SNS is made from rosemary oil, Neem and Karajan are made from seeds of their respective plants, same for pyretherin it comes from crushed Chrysanthemums. But it’s a trade off.... as growers we have mimicked part of nature in our indoor gardens but we dont have enough predator species to keep things in balance on the food chain. So once a pest species get a foot hold, it’s either spray to eradicate or possibly lose your crop.

Then the issue becomes when to spray & how much and whether or not the plant is in flower. If we can eliminate the pests early enough then we can avoid spraying in flower or late flower. Bud washing also helps to remove and residual spray, insect carcasses or insect poop.

Typically pests enter the indoor garden while riding on our clothes or from our pets... in some cases like fungus gnats they can find the wet soil all by themselves...

looks like mites or aphids but need better pics to see what’s up
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Old thread but a reminder for new members to take a look at how their photos will appear once they are embedded in a msg..

And, an example of why 420 Magazine wants the photos hosted on their own site and not somewhere else.


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Ah shit I jumped right in there and didn’t even check...
I did too. Had most of the msg typed up about the watermarks covering the bugs or whatever and then realized that something started going wrong with photobucket and their photo hosting services about 10 years ago. So I looked at the date and mumbled the same reaction as you did.

At least it made me look up photobucket to remind myself of what the problem had been with that company.


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Apparently it is my fault for rehashing an old thread.I apologize. This is the second time this week I have had old threads on the top of my new posts forum page. I will double check the dates on "new posts" from now on before replying.
i agree, i will check the post date as well,, old threads are popping up all over,, that darn 'similar threads' thingy

wonder if i can turn that feature off??


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I almost always look through the New Posts, at least 3 pages worth, before logging in. Can't say as I have seen an old thread show up there unless someone else picked up on it and made a reply.

But if I am reading the responses to a new thread these older posts are showing up at the bottom. I have started to ignore them. But, sometimes new members should take a look at those old threads and part of the answer to their question or questions might be there.
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